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Possible Scholarships for New Zealand

Scholarships towards the cost of an airline ticket to New Zealand:
5 Scholarships of NZ$ 500 with a full-year programme
5 Scholarships of NZ$ 250 with a 6-months programme
5 Scholarships of NZ$ 100 with a 3 months programme
The scholarships will be raffled with every intake in New Zealand (February, July and September) in 2013 only and only valid if the ticket is bought with our partner World Ticket Centre.

Please note that the StudyNewZealand Ticket Scholarships CAN be combined with any of the scholarships underneath!

University of Canterbury in Christchurch

2 Scholarships of NZ$ 5,000
for students with top marks

Lincoln University in Lincoln

10,000 NZ$ International Merit Scholarship
The Lincoln University International Merit Scholarship for Bachelor Degrees was established to support academically proven International students new to Lincoln University. The scholarships are available to international students who are undertaking a Bachelors degree or Certificate of Foundations Studies programme at Lincoln University. For new to Lincoln students only

Lincoln University in Lincoln

Five 2,000 NZ$ International Accommodation Scholarships
For International Student over the age of 18 who has not previously studied at Lincoln University, and gain entrance to their chosen academic programme at Lincoln University, and meet all necessary immigration requirements to study in New Zealand, and not be in receipt of any other scholarship,
The scholarship will be awarded based on academic merit (minimum B grade average or 63%) and community service

Victoria University of Wellington Wellington

Victoria Master's Scholarship
NZ$ 15,000 stipend plus NZ domestic fees (internationals students have to pay the balance of international fees themselves).
This scholarship is available for research focused Master's degrees. Only those students enrolled solely for a 120 point thesis are eligible to apply. In some cases this will be Part 2 of a two year Master's degree.

VUW Graduate Awards
This is available to Honours students and students working on their Master's by coursework. The Graduate Awards pay NZ domestic tuition fees (international students pay the balance of international fees themselves).

Bay of Plenty Polytechnic in Tauranga

NZ$ 1,000 discount on the July 2013 intake of the New Zealand Diploma in Engineering courses.

Whitireia Politechnic in Auckland and Wellington

ESOL Scholarships with Whitireia:
•    Enrol for 12 weeks and pay for 10
•    Enrol for 24 weeks and pay for 20

Academic Pathway Scholarships with Whitireia:
•      6 free ESOL weeks enrolling in a 1 year programme
•    12 free ESOL weeks enrolling in a 2 year programme
•    18 free ESOL weeks enrolling in a 3 year programme

International Pacific College in Palmerston North

3 possible scholarships at the discretion of the college:
•    NZ$ 3,000
•    NZ$ 5,000
•    NZ$ 7,000
Requirement: complete a short essay and include it with your application for admission (Please ask StudyNZ for possible topics)

International Travel College in Auckland

500 NZ$ Scholarship on enrolling in any of the programmes. There is only one StudyNewZealand ITC Scholarship available.

New Zealand Institute of Education (NZIE) in Takapuna Beach (Auckland)

5 scholarships of NZ$ 3,000 for level 7 courses:
•    Diploma in Applied Business ( Level 7) course
•    Avonmore Diploma in Computer Network Engineering ( Level 7)

New Zealand Institute of Education (NZIE) in Takapuna Beach (Auckland)

NZ$ 2,000 business extra courses when enrolling in a business course

New Zealand Management Academies (NZMA) in Auckland

2,000 NZ$ scholarship OR free one way air ticket
when registering for a 2 year diploma course and paying the whole fee upfront

National Tertiary Education Consortium (Ntec) in Auckland

Baccalauréat with:
•    Marks 12 and 13,99 7 scholarships of NZ$ 1,000
•    Marks 14 and 15,99 5 scholarships of NZ$ 3,000
•    Marks of 16 or up    3 scholarships of NZ$ 5,000

Queenstown Resort College in Queenstown

NZ$ 8,000 Scholarship over 2 years (NZ$ 4,000 per year) only through StudyNewZealand.eu
Students should submit a cover letter highlighting the following with their application:
•    Why they have chosen the hospitality or tourism industry
•    What their career goals are
•    How a Study Grant from QRC would help them achieve these

Waikato Institute of Education in Hamilton
Enrol for 13 weeks, get 1 week extra for free
Enrol for 25 weeks, get 2 weeks extra for free
Enrol for 36 weeks, get 4 weeks extra for free

Cambridge High School in Cambridge

Free Apple iPad when registering for a 1 year high school programme


NZ$ 1,000 scholarship when registering for a 1 year high school programme

Otaki College in Otaki

Get a free 5 day camp when enrolling for a summer programme or a one semester programme at Otaki College