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Short Courses at Hungry Creek Art and Craft School

Hungry Creek Art and Craft School offers Short Courses for visitors who wish to experience art, craft and culture in New Zealand. The campuses are located in a natural bush setting surrounded by native flora and fauna. The school’s friendly atmosphere supports art making and encourages sustainable creativity by facilitating different learning styles and creative expression. International participants attend the same classes as domestic students so that there is an opportunity for sharing cultural and creative knowledge, skills and interests. The Orientation programme for new participants is designed to make them feel welcome and familiarize them with the school, staff and facilities. We are a small friendly school and look after people

Contemporary Jewellery Short course (At the North Shore campus)
The two week Jewellery Course at the North Shore campus, also set in NZ native forest. The course will introduce participants to the design and making of jewellery through the use of different materials. Also covered is an introduction to computer aided design programmes. Classes will be four days per week and the 5th day (2 days) will be visits to craft galleries, and contemporary jewellery galleries and a visit to the museum to view traditional Maori and Pacific jewellery.

Short Course in Ceramics (At the Puhoi campus)
Two weeks learning techniques and processes for working with clay throwing on the pottery wheel, hand building, and Raku firing, a special Japanese firing technique. There are two day trips to galleries to view contemporary ceramics and New Zealand art and craft. 4 days per week in the ceramics studio and 1 day a week gallery visits.

Short Course in Painting and Drawing (At the Puhoi campus)
Two weeks focused on the natural environment, the native forest surrounds of the campus and nearby beaches this two week programme focus on developing drawing the and translating the drawings into finished paintings in the painting studio. There are two day trips to galleries to view contemporary Art and new Zealand art and craft. 4 days per week in the landscape/ studio and 1 day a week gallery visits.

Art and Craft Short courses (At the Puhoi campus)
Term 1 & 2 from February to July would cover Art History (optional), Design, Drawing, Ceramics and Sculpture.
Term 3 from July to November would cover Art History (optional), Design, Drawing, Jewellery and Painting.

Term times in 2013: available for international participants:
Term 1: 18 Feb – 15 March (4 wks) or 18 Feb – 29 March (6 wks) or 18 Feb – 12 April (8 wks)
Term 2: 6 May – 31 May (4 wks) or 6 May – 14 June (6 wks) or 6 May - 28 June (8 wks)
Term 3: 29 July – 23 Aug (4 wks) or 29 July – 6 Sep (6 wks) or 29 July – 20 Sep (8 wks)

These are some standard options. However participants can study for a whole semester if they like 19/17 weeks 18 Feb – 12 July and 29 July – 22 November.

2 week Jewellery Course:  21 Jan – 1 Feb 2013 (2 wks) or 15 July – 26 July 2013 (2 wks)

The cost of the short courses are as per follows:
2 weeks – NZ$ 2,000 (€ 1,325*) (all 2 wk)
4 weeks – NZ$ 2,400 (€ 1,590*)
6 weeks – NZ$ 3,400 (€ 2,250*)
8 weeks – NZ$ 4,000 (€ 2,650*)

Included in the price: tuition (course fee, materials, professional coaching) * Please allow for currency fluctuations, the NZ$ price is current! Not included in the price: extra materials accommodation, travel, personal expenses

Art Gallery / Sculpture Park /Jewellery Gallery Visits
Visits are incorporated within the course. Entry fee applie to participants. The most popular places that we can visit: Auckland Art Gallery; Artspace (contemporary art); Fingers Contemporary Jewellery; Auckland Museum; Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens; Zealandia Sculpture Garden; Brick Bay Sculpture Trail

However, a further list of all available art galleries in Auckland will be available at the school and we will honour group requests to visit any that have special interests.