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Why would you send your daughter to an all Girls’ School?

Women are expected to balance many roles during their lives. Their paths to success require confidence, independence, the ability to lead, integrity and an instinct to achieve. Your choice of school for your daughter is therefore vital. These are some of the reasons the The Girls Schools Association (GSA) recommends that you consider a girls’ school.

  • Academic Achievement: Single sex schools for girls dominate the top of the exam results league tables.
  • Girls and boys mature at different rates: So, when it comes to learning, it makes sense to give each what they need in order for them to flourish.
  • Confidence: With only their fellow girls in the classroom and on the sports field, girls in single sex schools have the space in which their intellectual and physical confidence can blossom. 
  • Opportunities – all of them: In single sex schools, girls don’t just enjoy equal opportunities, they enjoy ALL opportunities
  • Girls learn to be leader: There’s no hiding place in a girls’ school – someone has to be Head of House, team leader and so on, and that someone has to be a girl.
  • Freedom from stereotypes: One of the great benefits of an all-girls school is that there is no gender stereotyping.
  • University entrance: Girls’ schools have an excellent track record of helping their students gain places at the university of their choice.

Source: The Girls Schools Association (GSA)

See a list of all girl's high schools and an explanation on these reasons from The Girls Schools Association (GSA)  in the main article Why would you send your daughter to an all Girls’ School? on our web site, or write to StudyGroupEU <- click for e-mail

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