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Corelli School of the Arts (age 13 - 18) Browns Bay


The Corelli Academic School of the Arts boasts a boutique learning environment that is rich in diversity, expression and progressiveness. As a Cambridge ‘Top School’, Corelli students are high academic achievers who are motivated by a vibrant and creative culture that exists here.

The colourful walls and purpose-built rooms create an atmosphere brimming with personality. Class sizes are small with mixed age groups learning together in a specially catered curriculum that fosters adaptability for varying learning levels, peer support and mentorship opportunities, and long-term relationships with teachers.

The staff at Corelli value a team effort in their approach to school projects, allowing students to learn topics from several different angles. They are not only highly qualified and enthusiastic, but bring to Corelli a strong belief in serving a child’s individual way of approaching tasks in order to nurture the fun in learning.

The Corelli Academic School of the Arts was founded in 2001 by husband and wife team, David and Kirsten Selfe, who saw a need for a kind of ‘creative immersion’ in New Zealand where the arts played a major role in a child’s school curriculum. From a ‘peg in the sand’, David and Kirsten have progressively led the school forward in a hands-on role. The school is located in picturesque Browns Bay on the North Shore of Auckland City and benefits from its local community amenities by way of nearby sports fields, library, swim school, tennis courts and beach. In 2010, Corelli received its sixth ‘Top School’ rating with Cambridge International Exams.

Despite its exclusively small roll, Corelli is distinguished by a focus on its artistic output represented by an auditorium, audio recording studio, widespread practice rooms and musical facilities. It is fully equipped as an academic institution and boasts a modern science laboratory. Specialist tutors teach dance, music, drama and visual arts and academic studies are managed by separate qualified experts.

International Students
The school has attracted a number of international students from within New Zealand and overseas and is truly multicultural. English is spoken but ESOL studies can be arranged. The school is popular with new immigrant families seeking to combine ongoing academic excellence with artistic ability demonstrated by their children.

Corelli enrolls both boys and girls from Year 1 (age 5) to Year 13. An audition or audition tape may be required to ensure artistic ability. The academic year runs from February to December. The school is dedicated to personal and results-oriented tuition in both academics and arts and the roll is currently restricted to 150 students. Strict attention is given to values and ethics in this family style school and students will be expected to take responsibility for themselves, and to support the goals of other children of all ages.

As a school dedicated to developing artistic excellence, students are required to participate regularly in school and public performances and to achieve standards set by international examining bodies. Academic results are measured by Cambridge International Examinations.

The Jonmer Theatre
The Jonmer Theatre is a unique theatre space. It is a full tech environment and is ready to go! The theatre is part of The Corelli School and is used regularly for school performances as well as being available for booking by community groups and touring professionals.

Corelli Dedicated Music Programme
Instruments offered at Corelli:

  •     Strings - Violin, Viola, 'Cello
  •     Woodwind - Clarinet, Flute/Piccolo, Oboe/Cor Anglais, Saxophone
  •     Brass - Trumpet/Flugel, Trombone, Horn (Tenor/French)
  •     Keyboard - Piano
  •     Percussion
  •     Classical Guitar
  •     Singing

First Instrument Study : (Two Half Hour Lessons per week)
Second Instrument Study : (One Half Hour Lesson per week)
NB - Piano is compulsory as one of the studies (either 1st or 2nd) to develop practical skills of harmony and ambidexterity.

  • Choir: To immerse the student in choral works (large and small scale) and musical productions, and to develop pitch and vocal harmony.
  • Chamber Music :To create opportunities for ensemble playing, aiding development of social skills within a group.
  • Orchestra: To cover the orchestral repertoire of major works encouraging the Concerto, with the inclusion of contemporary works. Entry into the orchestra is by internal audition.
  • Harmony: Twice weekly lessons developing the art of harmony, improvisation, keyboard harmony, composition and musical analysis.
  • Aural: Daily sessions to develop strong rhythmic independence and sight-singing (to persue Perfect or Relative Pitch).
  • Practice: Pupils are encouraged to utilise the various practice suites on a regular basis.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Classical Dance

Students will be prepared for examinations in the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus and/or the N.Z.A.M.D. (New Zealand Association of Modern Dance) syllabus. The Royal Academy of Dance is internationally recognized and acclaimed for high standards of training and developing young dancers.

What we teach: Royal Academy of Dance classical ballet; N.Z.A.M.D American Jazz and Contemporary dance; Benesh Dance Notation; Dance Anatomy; History of Classical Ballet and ; Modern Dance; Pilates-based body conditioning; Repertoire and regular performance opportunities; Choreography

Corelli Dedicated Drama Programme
For the first time in New Zealand, it is possible to have all your education under one roof! English, Mathematics, Science etc. PLUS 25% of the day to be a Star Performer! Limited places available for Years 7 to 12 for the Corelli School full-time Drama Course. This includes your full academic curriculum, plus the following...

Classical Repertoire; Voice Production; Text Analysis; Theatre Skills and Studies; Physical Training; Speech Training; Characterization and Accents; Improvisation and Mime; Musical Theatre; One-to-one Acting Technique Tuition; Group Class Interaction; Lunchtime Performance Opportunities; Evening Performance Opportunities.

Graduates of the Corelli School of Drama will be working to international standards, supported by the Trinity examination syllabus.

The Corelli Academic Curriculum
The academic curriculum forms the basis to all other programmes scheduled at Corelli. Primary and Intermediate students follow the Corelli Curriculum which is based on the New Zealand curriculum, with aspects of the Cambridge programme being introduced in the intermediate years, and Senior pupils study the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) curriculum.

All students graduate with IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) or higher (Advanced Subsidiary and/or Advanced Level) as well as their chosen international performance examinations with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, Trinity/Guildhall, and/or Royal Academy of Dance; English Literature English Language Mathematics Science; Social Studies (Junior School); History and Geography (Intermediate and Senior levels); Health & Physical Education; Art & Design; Technology

International Students' Fees 2016
The Corelli School has agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students, published by the Ministry of Education.
(All fees inclusive of GST) All fees are subject to review from time to time. Notification of any changes to fees will be published at least one term prior to the new fees being put into place.

Application fee NZ$ 75.00 (non-refundable)

Enrolment Fee: NZ$ 650.00 is payable after the offer of a place has been made (after audition), and must be paid within two weeks of acceptance, to ensure a place is held. This fee is non-refundable.

Tuition: Please note that all tuition fees include your child's specialist selected study of either: Music, Dance, Drama, or Visual Arts; from Year 2 upwards, over and above the standard general curriculum.

Bond: A bond of NZ$ 1,500.00 per pupil is required at enrolment, to cover any loss or damage to Corelli School property/resources, or outstanding fees, which may occur during the course of a pupil's study. This is non-interest bearing and will be refunded at the end of any given term, upon the student leaving The Corelli School.

TUITION FEE 2016 prices

One term Fees (3months)
NZ$   7,500 for one term (10 weeks)
NZ$      125 insurance for one term 
NZ$      500 uniform
NZ$   2,600 homestay for 10 weeks
NZ$ 10,725
total for one term 

Two Terms fees (6 months)
NZ$   13,750 for one semester
NZ$        250 insurance for one semester
NZ$     5,200 homestay for 20 weeks
NZ$        500 uniform
NZ$ 19,700
for one academic semester 

Four Terms fees (12 months)
NZ$   26,000 tuition fee for one academic year
NZ$        500 insurance for one year
NZ$   10,400 homestay for 40 weeks
NZ$        500 uniform
NZ$ 37,400
total for one academic year 

Extra's NZ$ 300 approx for school camp and NZ$ 200 per year for activities and materials. NZ$ 75 for airport meet & greet and NZ$ 250 per year for the school developmnt fund.

Please note: Pocket money and personal expenses are not included