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New Zealand School of Tourism, Auckland


If you want an exciting career in travel and tourism then you have come to the right place. We specialise in training courses for careers in hotels, airlines, travel agencies, tourism companies, cruise ships, conferencing, and much more. Whether you are about to leave school, thinking about a career change or returning to work, the travel & tourism industry can offer you a challenging role in an exciting industry. Check out our courses today and see how we can help you launch your new career!

When you come on board with us be prepared for an experience that will stay with you forever. Training with New Zealand School of Tourism means you will be learning with a company who love training and inspiring people for careers that will take them all over the world. Throughout your time with us you will get to experience the industry through visits and educational trips. Employers from all areas of the industry come to us seeking graduates including Walt Disney World, Club Med, Accor Hotels group and major airlines amongst others. Our culture is to ensure your success both while learning with us and then in getting a job. See you soon!


At New Zealand School of Tourism we use a variety of teaching and learning methods, e.g. use group work and group presentations, so as not to disadvantage any learning style. Trainers use accelerated learning techniques in the classroom and are available to all students 30 minutes before class is due to begin and after class finishes.

Accommodation Assistance

New Zealand School of Tourism through their main company ACG has accommodation options available for students studying for 8 weeks or more. Availability of all accommodation types can be limited so we recommend you book early. Please note that any accommodation arrangement is strictly between the prospective student and ACG and that New Zealand School of Tourism has not assessed the suitability of each accommodation.

Kiwi friends for life

At our campuses, 95% of the student’s are New Zealanders. This allows your English levels to improve more quickly. You may even pick up a Kiwi accent! You will make lots of fun new memories with your new New Zealand classmates.

Course Costs Exclude

  • Administration Fee of NZ$ 300
  • Uniform costs of NZ$ 350
  • Diploma Study Tour cost of NZ$ 350
  • Personal stationery and Lost, destroyed or stolen workbooks: NZ$ 10 per workbook.
  • Domestic study tours
    - Transport to and from the airport/transport station on all study tours
    - All meals and drinks

Study at the New Zealand
School of Tourism 2018 prices

Tourism, Travel & Airline Industry (Level 3) 22 weeks NZ$ 12,200

This course provides an ideal entry into the world of travel and tourism. Whether you are thinking about a position with an airline, travel agency, tour wholesaler, hotel, rental car firm, or other tourism company, this course will provide you with the skills and qualifications you need, and employers desire.

Tourism, Hotel & Airline Operations (Level 4) 16 weeks NZ$ 8,190

This programme is unique in that you are learning and applying knowledge and skills across a range of tourism workplaces. The modules cover New Zealand Tourism Destinations, Inbound Tourism, Hotels and Hospitality, Water Transportation and Cruising, Airport and Airline Operations, Tourism Operations and Guiding and Travel Agency Operations.

Tourism, Airline & Flight Attending (Level 4) 16 weeks NZ$ 8,190

The tourism industry offers a variety of roles including flight attending and roles with an airline or at the airport. The role will involve you being part of a team and ensuring the safety of the aircraft, passengers and crew while delivering excellent customer service. This programme is aimed at those who want a career in tourism, with an airline or as a flight attendant.

Tourism, Hotel and Conference & Events (Level 4) 16 weeks NZ$ 8,190

This programme covers tourism and seven weeks on conference and events that will also involve you working for an event company in a range of paid roles at sporting and other events. If you are considering a career involved in the organising, planning and managing of conferences, events, banquets and MORE, then this course can start you on the journey.

New Zealand Diploma in Tourism & Travel (Level 5) 32 weeks NZ$ 18,650

Our New Zealand Diploma in Tourism & Travel is the most exciting course we offer with modules such as Walt Disney, Marketing, Cruise Ship Tourism, Study tours to Middle Earth and Queenstown, Job Fairs and Internships. Package this into a two year option with our level 3 and your choice of one of our level 4 qualification options.

Travel & Tourism Management Option (Level 5) 2 years NZ$ 29,900

Open the door to a world of exciting possibilities with this two year Travel & Tourism Management Programme. This premium programme is designed with the aim of a career in tourism management or supervisory positions.

Aviation & Tourism Management Option (Level 5) 2 years NZ$ 29,900

Want to take your interest in flight attending and aviation to the next level? This premium option is designed with the aim of a career in an airline or leading to a tourism management or supervisory position.

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