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Concordia Institute of Business



Welcome to Concordia Institute of Business, a tertiary institute offering courses with a focus on improving English language skills and preparing students for careers in business and management.

Concordia works in partnership with National Technology Institute, which offers courses in hospitality and computing and information technology. Both schools are under the umbrella organisation National Tertiary Education Consortium (Ntec). 

Concordia has developed a reputation for being friendly, caring, and welcoming, and has a multi-cultural staff with wide experience in education for international students. Your tutors, counselors and support staff will be happy to mentor you and give guidance that will help you to get the most out of your study and allow you to develop your full potential.

New Zealand’s immigration policy recognizes that many international students would like to stay on and work in New Zealand. Concordia actively trains students in presentation skills and CV writing, and assists them to integrate into the New Zealand environment and to find employment (subject to Immigration New Zealand visa conditions). 

Studying at Concordia offers you a rewarding experience in a new culture and environment. We look forward to your joining us soon. 

At Concordia they believe in being responsible citizens of New Zealand, and it is our commitment to this belief that we also see a need to impart such values to our students. Students are taught the New Zealand way of doing business as well as work culture and ethics. 


General leaflet on Concordia Institute of Business


Concordia Institute of Business’s programs

Course Name


Fee Per



Diploma in Business
level 5 + 6 Year 1

Diploma in Business
level 5 + 6 Year 2


NZ$ 16,700

nz$   8,450

2 years

Diploma in Business
Level 6 + 7 Year 1

Diploma in Business
Level 6 + 7 Year 2

Diploma in Business
Level 7



NZ$ 16,700

NZ$   9,200

NZ$ 18,200

2 years

1 year

English language

English Language course


NZ$   2,850

  8 weeks

English Language course


NZ$   4,150

12 weeks

English Language course


NZ$   5,370

16 weeks

English Language course


NZ$   6,750

20 weeks

English Language course


NZ$   8,050

24 weeks

English Language course


NZ$   9,350

28 weeks

English Language course


NZ$ 10,650

32 weeks