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Student Testimonials


Student testimonials

Helena Rolland-Jossemit 
(New Caledonia)

During my first day at school I honestly thought that everybody was a bit crazy. They were so happy to study!! Then after few days I understand why. There were crazy about school. So do I.

Firstly the bases of this ‘well-being’ at school are the teachers and the staff. All of them are so friendly, helpful and accessible. We really feel that they care about us and they do all what they can to make us comfortable. I spent 6 months at NZIE and I went to many trips with school and my classroom. It’s just great to do that because it allows me to meet new people new friends…
Then I participated to several events at school, thanks to these  I learn about the culture of many different countries. Moreover it creates a feeling of belonging; we have the sensation to be a part of the school.

This experience brings many things mostly because you learn a lot about yourself. It was my first travel alone so I discover how to share my culture, to accept the others and to tolerate. I think that this mix of culture is great to open your mind. Effectively you don’t choose who is in your classroom, who sits next to you so you realize that you have to take the time to know all the people before judging anyone. Finally I met so people that became very good friends at NZIE. And now I know that I can go to Thailand or to Brazil and I could see them again!

I think that a language school like this is a very good step to begin a new life in a new country. Now that I have discovered what I was able to do by myself I feel more confident to reach all my goals. So I spent a great time at NZIE and I am grateful for everything. Find out more about NZIE.
Helena gained 6.5 in IELTS at the end of November 2012


Jerome & Audrey

"We really enjoyed our month of studies at the NZIE! It was a rewarding experience that afforded us to meet many interesting people coming from various countries. The IELTS teacher was very dynamic, he entertained the lessons and involved everyone in the discussions, as a result the courses spent sometimes too quickly!! 

It was a relaxed way to improve our level of English before beginning our trip around NZ."

Sorry for the mistakes, I hope there are not too many.

French language student Ailizee volunteers at Kiwi Birdlife Park in Queenstown in New Zealand.

After a 6 week English language course at Southern Lakes English College in Queenstown, the management of the college set Ailizee from France up
for a 6 week voluntary work spell at the Kiwi Birdlife Park in Queenstown.

With Southern Lakes English College, other volunteer projects are also possible:
Walter Peak Farm - Help with the farm animals and in the large restaurant helping the tourists that come to visit and see the animals and sheep shearing and sheepdog displays.

Pet Lodge - help take care of the variety of dogs and cats at the Pet Lodge. This volunteer work is for pet lovers and involves walking and grooming the pets and generally helping to take care of them.

Conservation - including plant & tree planting and clearing. This is for students that love working outdoors and helping with the environment.

Ailizee made a video message of her experience which you can see here (Ailizee speaks in French, but the Birdpark Manager in English)

Aude  – Diploma in Applied Business – Level 7 - February 2013 – December 2013

Je suis venue en Nouvelle Zélande pour avoir une année sabbatique. Mon but principal était de rencontrer d’autres personnes d’horizons et cultures différentes. J’étudie le Level 7 Diploma in Applied Business à NZIE. J’ai choisi cette formation principalement pour améliorer mon anglais dans un domaine qui est lié à mes études Françaises, et pour le stage de 3 mois qui se déroule à la fin du cursus.

L'avantage de NZIE par rapport à une "université", c'est que c'est petit donc tout le monde se connaît, c'est vraiment une bonne ambiance. Même pendant les cours, les classes étant petites (15-20 étudiants), l'ambiance est sérieuse mais également "cool". Et bien sûr, l'autre avantage des petites classes, c'est que tout le monde peut participer et le tutor est disponible pour répondre à tout question.