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All services of StudyNewZealand.eu are subject to the General Terms and Conditions for the provision of services, which have been filed with the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague in The Netherlands and contain a limitation of liability. A free copy of the General Terms and Conditions will be sent upon request.

Please note: if you are dealing with one of our local representatives, as third party, they are entitled to ask 300 euro extra for Diploma authentication. However, they are obliged to inform you beforehand of these extra charges. If a local representative is charging more, or charging amounts which are not mentioned on our general web site, or in the placement offer you received from us, please inform us immediately. Informing us will never jeopardise your chances of success to get admission or even your visa. We will legally protect students who have documented proof of bad dealings of our local representatives.

Please also note: We always provide an invoice showing the amount to pay. Never pay anything without receiving a receipt or payment confirmation. We wil always inform your representative of any amount received by us or the institutes we represent. You are entitled to receive this information personally, but we need your e-mail address for that. Be sure to fill that in on your application form!

However: If you do not inform us beforehand of any bad dealing, and you pay the extra amounts yourself to the third party and cannot provide payment proof, we can do nothing about it if you complain afterwards. Please note that StudyNewZealand.eu is not liable for charged amounts made by third parties and is not liable for charged amounts not appearing on our invoice or the invoices of the institutes we represent!


StudyNewZealand EU is a trade name of StudyGroup EU B.V. Registered at the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague under nr 57313555: coporate seat is The Hague, Netherlands. All dealings with the StudyGroup EU are under Dutch law, disputes will be settled in the court in The Hague

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  • Queenstown Resort College Tourism Career Camp, New Zealand
    Want a job in tourism or hospitality AND be able to live in Queenstown? Join us for 3 days of jam-packed activities, see the campus and where you can live and experience what QRC has to offer!

    Career Week costs NZ$ 299 per person and includes two nights accommodation, meals, and scheduled activities.

    read more... 05-04-2019
  • NTA English Academy, Christchurch New Zealand Opening Fees up to 20% off
    The National Trade Academy offers a range of English language training programmes at four levels for international students.

    General English Full Time 2-13 weeks only NZ$ 320 per week

    read more... 06-03-2019
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