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Rodney College (age 13 - 18) Wellsford


Rodney College is a co-educational secondary school catering for students from Year 9 to year 13. The school services a very widespread coastal, urban, rural and semi rural community. On this very narrow part of the island, just north of Auckland, some students come from the west coast of the island and some students from the east coast. Wellsford town, where the school is situated, is central to all these communities.

We are a smaller, very friendly school of 350 students, both boys and girls of which we have around 15 international students. Our students know each other and their teachers very well and even though they are placed in their year group classes for their academic studies they frequently come together with a range of year groups for sports and cultural activities. Close friendships and healthy team rivalry is built through frequent school wide sporting, recreational and cultural activities.

Students start their secondary schooling at around 13 years of age in Year 9 and carry on their education up to Year 13 where they then move on to employment or tertiary studies. The students sit NCEA (National Certifi cate of Educational Achievement) exams in Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13. New Zealand students must stay at school until they are 16 years of age.

Rodney College has a range of quality educational facilities with a central library, science laboratories, a new technology block for wood and metal design, fashion, graphics and food technologies. It has computer rooms,
dedicated arts, music, horticulture and agriculture faculties as well as a large gymnasium, swimming pool, soccer, hockey, rugby fi elds and tennis, netball and basketball courts. We have a virtual classroom for distance learning, a school hall for live performances and assemblies, a school marae (Maori meeting house) and our own canteen that sells a range of quality foods for the students.

Many of our students travel to school by bus from all the outlying districts. These buses are free and only for our school students to travel on. The students that live in Wellsford, where our school is located, walk to school.

Study at Rodney College

Rodney College offers a comprehensive range of subjects at all levels. Junior secondary students study up to 11 subjects per year and they must study English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Physical Education and Health. Year 11 and Year 12 students must select six subjects from a range of options and in Year 11 English, Mathematics and Science is compulsory. In Year 13 students take only five subjects and use their one study period per day to work independently.

For students coming in to the school with little English then without incurring any extra cost, the student can participate in ESOL language classes. The student will be main streamed once their English is at a competent level. They may attend an ESOL class for one or two periods per day within the school, as well as their regular mainstreamed classes.

Rodney College offers Spanish and French languages through to Year 13 with a specialist teacher and the Japanese language can be accessed through Virtual Classroom lessons held in a dedicated E-learning space. Other specialist subjects that are very popular with our International students are Outdoor Education and Sports Coaching, the Wood technologies, Automotive and Metal technologies, Photography, Farming, Hospitality and Food technologies, Fashion and Design, Visual arts, Music and Digital technologies.

Rodney College does its best to place students in the subjects they choose and at the level of study that meets their needs. Some students work across more than one academic level as a result.

Rodney College has a vibrant and varied cultural life.
Throughout the year the school has a range of social activities like our school ball and there is much excitement in preparing for this annual event with ballroom dancing lessons, hall decoration and food preparation.

Sport is probably the quickest and easiest way to make friends and get involved in the life of the school-and to learn English!
Rodney College has an outstanding sporting record and we have a very proactive sports department where students can play very competitive or social sport on a daily basis and can experience many trips way to other schools to compete either during the week or in the weekends.


One term Fees (3 months)
NZ$      500 administration fee
NZ$   3,375 tuition fee for one term
NZ$      150 insurance for one term
NZ$      200 airport transfer
NZ$   2,400 homestay for one term
NZ$      400 uniform
NZ$ 7,025 
total for one term

One semester Fees (6 months)
NZ$        500 administration fee
NZ$     6,750 tuition fee for one semester
NZ$        300 insurance for one semester
NZ$        200 airport transfer
NZ$     5,520 homestay for one semester
NZ$        400 uniform
NZ$ 13,670 
total for one semester 

Four Terms fees (12 months)
NZ$     1,000 administration fee
NZ$   13,500 tuition fee for one year
NZ$        600 insurance for one year
NZ$        200 airport transfer
NZ$     9,600 homestay for one year
NZ$        400 uniform
NZ$ 25,300 total for one year 

Workbooks/Stationery/Course related cost, approx. 200  NZ$

Pocket money and personal expenses are not included