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Westlake Boys' High School (age 13 - 18), Forest Hill, Auckland


Westlake Boys High School is a state boys school of 2,200 pupils situated on the North Shore of Auckland City. The school is near vibrant shopping centres, beaches and within 15 minutes by bus from the heart of Auckland City. Westlake Boys High School is fiercely proud of its academic traditions and 92% of our form 7 students gain entry to tertiary studies. We expect and achieve the highest academic standards from our students.

We have modern, well equipped facilities with a near new, state-of the-art Science Block, Technology Block and Research Centre. Students may qualify for University Entrance through NCEA or Cambridge International Examinations. We offer: Sciences; Languages: French, German, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin; Economics and Ac-counting; Hospitality Course; Technical Courses including Boat Building; Art, Photography and Design; Music; Outdoor Education : Rock Climbing, Canoeing, Scuba Diving, Marine course; Physical Education.

Sporting and Cultural
Westlake Boys High School stresses involvement in sporting activities. All the major sports offer you a chance to participate: Soccer, Rugby, Basketball Cricket, Tennis, Hockey, Athletics, Swimming. As well, the school offers Rowing, Sailing, Shooting, Cycling, Tramping, Wrestling and many more activities. No matter what your ability, the school will find a team for you. We will also try to arrange through clubs any other activity you may be interested in.

Our highly acclaimed music department, often joining with Westlake Girls High School, enables you to learn or carry on with the musical instrument of your choice or you can sing in one of our choirs.

Preparing for Academic Excellence: The Junior School
In Forms 3 and 4, boys are rigorously prepared for the senior school. All boys take courses in English, Maths, Science and the Social Sciences, as well as experiencing a range of Technology and Arts subjects (including Music). They follow a Physical Education course, and study a language of their choice. For those with an aptitude, two languages are offered. In doing this, we have taken many aspects of the 2010 NZ curriculum and have integrated them into our current programmes.

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NCEA and Cambridge
International Examinations


We are proud to be able to offer two pathways to academic success. All students have the opportunity to take a very wide range of courses in Forms 5, 6 and 7 leading to NCEA qualifications. These are the New Zealand national qualifications, and performing well in them will allow access to universities in New Zealand or overseas.

If a boy is placed in the top 40% of our boys at the end of Form 4, he has the chance to follow, if he wishes, the Cambridge pathway. Cambridge International Examinations are based in the UK – and linked to the University of Cambridge. They are taken by thousands of schools all over the world, as well as by many of the top schools in the UK and in NZ. They follow the British model of qualifications – IGCSE, AS Level and A Level, taken in Forms 5, 6 and 7. Performing well in these examinations will, as is the case with NCEA , allow access to universities in New Zealand and overseas.

We call these options our ‘dual pathway’. Every year, a number of our boys receive ‘Top in the World’ or ‘Top in New Zealand’ awards in the Cambridge examinations, and we were delighted that many of our boys had their NCEA qualifications endorsed with either ‘Excellence’ or ‘Merit’. Our overall pass rates are also exceptional in both NCEA and Cambridge examinations, evidence that our ‘dual pathway’ offers two clear routes to success.

TUITION FEE (2018 prices)

NZ$ 20,130 one year tuition fee
NZ$ 15,000 one year homestay fee 

Sport at Westlake Boys'

Summer Sport: Terms 1 & 4: Athletics & Cross Country; Beach Volleyball; Cricket; Dragon Boating; Golf; Multi Sport; Orienteering; Rowing; Sailing; Swimming; Surfing; Tennis; Touch; Ultimate Frisbee; Volleyball; Water Polo

Winter Sport: Terms 2 & 3; Basketball; Badminton; Chess; Cycling; Football; Hockey; Lacrosse; Rugby; Rugby League; Snow Sports; Squash; Table Tennis; Wrestling