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International Rugby Programme at Rangitoto College, Browns Bay (Auckland)


International students at Rangitoto College have the opportunity to join a special Rugby Programme for International Students, which is based on the specialised coaching methods used by the All Blacks, Auckland Blues and North Harbour. We aim to develop young rugby players who have the skills, capability and confidence to perform at the highest level. Our programme also develops confidence and encourages respect and team work, qualities which are essential for success after secondary school.

Rangitoto accepts experienced rugby players as well as boys and girls who are new to the game and would like the chance to experience New Zealand's national sport. Our programme combines academic school study with specialist rugby coaching and is open to students aged 13-18, whether they are new to the sport or already an experienced rugby player. The minimum amount of time individual students can join the programme for is one month.

Included in the Programme


  • Professional coaching
  • Team training
  • Fitness training
  • Strength training
  • Flexibility training
  • Skills sessions
  • Game plan
  • Nutrition sessions
  • Goal setting
  • Video analysis
  • Individual feedback
  • Free Rangitoto polo shirt
  • Guest celebrity coaches
  • All Blacks test match (Only available in some terms)
  • Auckland Blues match (Only available in some terms)
  • North Harbour match (Only available in some terms)

How does the programme work?

The international programme i based on the specialised coaching methods used by the All Blacks, Auckland Blues and North Harbour, and is the best way to quickly improve your rugby game. Students are supported with a lot of individual attention and can accept between 6 and 15 students per year.

Pre-season (February – March)

Joining the programme in February (Term I) means you can take advantage of the pre-season training sessions, play pre-season games and take part in the team trials. You will also be able to attend a Blues game in Term I.

Rugby Season (March – September)

Term 2 and 3 are when most of the games are played in inter-school competitions. During the season, the programme includes team trainings two or three times a week, weight training two times a week, special training during school time from 1 – 3.15 pm once a week, and a weekend game. Students here for Terms 2 and 3 will be able to attend an All Blacks match and a North Harbour match and watch a training session.

Post-season (October – December)

This is an excellent time to work on skills evn though the inter-school rugby competitions have finished. This is when the junior rugby 7s competition happens and our players start preparing for the next rugby season. Training will be similar to Term I.

Fees for the International Rugby Programme at Rangitoto (on top of the regular tuition fee) 2021

NZ$    620 Term 1 only          

NZ$    620 Term 2 only

NZ$    880 Term 2 & 3

NZ$ 1,160 Term 1 & 2

NZ$ 1,420 Terms 1, 2 & 3