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St Paul’s Collegiate School, Hamilton


St Paul’s Collegiate School is one of New Zealand’s leading independent day and boarding schools for Year 9-13 boys and Year 11-13 girls. Located in Hamilton, the School has a reputation for providing personalised education that focuses on academic excellence. An average class size of 20 students in the junior school and 15 students in the senior school allows for individualised attention. St Paul’s prides itself on the personalised nature of the educational experience. The School is small enough for each of our students to be known by everyone and for each student to be an integral part of our community.

While boarding at St Paul’s students develop a great connection to the School and to their houses, which are the focal point of their life while at the School. Over time the character and style of each house has evolved and students have developed great connections with these houses and with their house mates, establishing life-long friendships. Structured and supervised homework (prep) each evening provides an academic support base, which is often difficult to duplicate at home. Our boarders develop a set of personal life skills that prepares them for tertiary study and beyond.

Extracurricular activities

St Paul’s Collegiate School provides students with the opportunity to participate in an extensive sporting and cultural programme, which includes conventional sports and cultural activities plus a range of less traditional sporting, cultural and social opportunities. Students are required to take part in a summer and winter sport. They are able to choose a sport that interests them from a range of different sporting options offered at the School, which cater for different athletic abilities.

High Performance Sports programme at St Paul’s Collegiate School

St Paul’s Collegiate School offers students, who are serious about becoming sports professionals, the opportunity to excel in their chosen sport through the School’s High Performance Sport programme. The programme lifts the performance of individual athletes and the School’s flagship teams by building the whole athlete; the physical, mental, emotional and team unity characteristics. Students are provided with one-on-one and group training sessions to help them reach their age-group potential and increase the overall performance of the School’s flagship teams.

In the group and one-on-one training sessions, students, coaches and teams work closely with specialist high-performance coaches up to three times per week. Strength and Conditioning Coach Michiel Badenhorst works on strength training; and Life Coach/Trainer, Tama Dean, works towards improving mental game, strategic thinking and emotional skills. In addition, sports specific development officers work regularly with students, teams and coaches to improve the overall performance of teams and individual athletes.

Cultural activities are also a significant part of school life at St Paul’s. Students are provided with the opportunity to take part in an annual school production, speaking competitions, debating, music and more. Each year the students also take part in a whole school Haka and a house Haka competition. Our students' cultural education extends further than performing arts, throughout the entirety of their education students are able to learn a language too.

Study at St Paul’s Collegiate School

See our Tihoi Venture School information

In pursuing academic excellence, we are committed to a culture that encourages – and expects – each pupil to achieve the very best they can. In encouraging young people to explore their strengths, we believe that the learning process is as important as the results it produces. The fear of failure should never block the freedom to learn. At St Paul’s we aim to equip our students with a level of confidence that is matched by a respect for the abilities and attributes of others.

St Paul’s students are pushed to learn academically and to grow emotionally and socially. Our Year 10 boys experience Tihoi Venture School, an 18-week residential outdoor programme. At Tihoi, the boys are stripped of modern technology such as television and mobile phones and are placed into communal living, regular schooling and outdoor experiences. Here, they develop into young men who are independent, responsible and contributing members of society.

St Paul’s Collegiate School offers students the opportunity to complete dual qualifications that are tailored to their academic ability and career prerequisites. The School offers New Zealand’s National Certificates of Educational Achievement (NCEA) and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

Senior students are also offered the opportunity to sit New Zealand Scholarship examinations in addition to NCEA and CIE. Scholarship is for high-achieving students, providing them with recognition and monetary rewards in their final years of schooling.

In terms of preparing students for their secondary school qualifications, the School has a policy on small class sizes of less than 20, allowing for individual learning and one-on-one time between teacher and student. Smaller class sizes also means that our teachers are able to tailor their teaching method to suit the needs of each individual student, ensuring that they continue to improve academically, performing to the best of their ability. In addition to St Paul’s personalised teaching approach, the School also provides a Learning Resources Unit and ESOL support to students who require a little extra help to achieve their best. The academic programme offered at St Paul’s, paired with the School’s outstanding teaching staff, has resulted in proven academic success from our students. Our students' outstanding academic achievements often results in university acceptance, monetary scholarships and successful careers in New Zealand and overseas.

Fees 2022

NZ$    800 Enrolment Fees
NZ$ 1,900 Bond 

School Boarding Fees except Year 10 (2022 prices)

NZ$    60,450 Tuition fee incluing boarding

School Boarding Fees for Year 10 only - Tihoi year (2022 prices)

NZ$   62,710 Tuition fee including boarding and Tihoi course fee

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