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Tuakau College (age 13-18) Tuakau


At Tuakau College we are committed to providing the best secondary education for our community. Our motto Pai rawa atu i nga mea katoa – the very best in all things sums up our overall vision for the school - to encourage students to strive for excellence in our four cornerstones (kete) of achievement - academic, sporting, cultural and social. 

We believe in creating educational opportunities that will prepare our students for their future, irrespective of their background or academic ability. To achieve this, we offer a wide range of academic course subjects, sports, cultural and social activities.

Students are supported and encouraged by high quality, dedicated staff who provide the best possible education in a safe and orderly learning environment where they will have many opportunities to discover and develop their talents.

Tuakau College offers a unique opportunity to study at a small, friendly college in a rural community. Our aim is to prepare all young people for life by offering a broad based, quality education which promotes excellence in four areas of knowledge – academic, sporting, cultural and social activities. On site, we have a Careers Advisor, a guidance counsellor, a Health Centre with a fully qualified, state-registered Nurse. We also offer STAR and Gateway programmes to enhance the transition from school to employment.

Our whanau classes (vertical form classes) allow an ongoing connection between home and school as well as offering a small and welcoming base for students new to the college. At Tuakau College, international students will find a good mix of town and country life, with close proximity to Auckland city and all its attractions.

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Study Programme at Tuakau College

Pursuit of Excellence: We aim to create an educational environment within which each student will feel free to achieve excellence in his/her chosen field in co-operation with teachers, parents and other members of the school. 

Excellence is achieved through a balanced curriculum and effective leadership and expectations, open and constructive communication. By offering a safe and stimulating learning environment, team work, and programmes of work for the individual and gifted and talented programmes. We have learning support in many areas.

Tuakau College provides the students with a broad high quality education based on the seven essential learning areas which are: English and Languages; Mathematics; Science; Social Science; Technology; Arts and Health and Physical Education.

Students regardless of their abilities are expected to achieve to their potential in the broad balanced curriculum. They are encouraged to work hard in well disciplined and stimulating classroom environments. In Years 11, 12 & 13 (Form 5, 6 & 7) NCEA Levels 1, 2, and 3 qualifications are offered.

Subject Selection. In Years 7 & 8 The basics in literacy and numeracy are the key to success in all areas. All subjects are compulsory.

All students will study English, Maths, Social Studies, Science, Information Technology, Health and Physical Education. They will experience a taste of a number of other subjects from the essential learning areas.

Years 9 & 10 The students start to select subjects of their choice. All students will study English, Maths, Social Studies Studies, Health and Physical Education. They will experience a taste of a number of other subjects as well as select optional subjects from the essential learning areas .

In Year 11 (NCEA Level 1) English, Maths, and Science are compulsory. In Year 12 (NCEA Level 2) English is compulsory. Year 13 (NCEA Level 3) no subjects are compulsory.

Any student has the opportunity to multi-level i.e. select subjects across all three levels. This allows senior students to pick a course based on their needs and their ability. All subjects have unit or achievement standards as their assessments and all the credits accumulated count towards an NCEA certificate.


NZ$ 12,700 one year tuition fee
NZ$      260 per week homestay

Some subjects have a charge for materials, allow between 150 - 300 NZ$

Please note: Pocket money and personal expenses are not included