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Mount Maunganui College, Mount Maunganui (age 13 - 18)


Mount Maunganui College welcomes students from throughout the world. We are located in New Zealand's number one domestic tourist location, in a suburb of Tauranga (population 110,000). Tauranga is only 25 minutes by air from Auckland.

Fees and living expenses at Mount Maunganui College are reasonable. You can afford to study and enjoy life in Mount Maunganui. Marine Studies, Outdoor Education, Hospitality and MultiSport - these are all available as part of your academic programme at Mount Maunganui College. Mount Maunganui is a very popular place to live. We arrange high quality host families that will make sure you enjoy living in Mount Maunganui.

When you graduate from Mount Maunganui College you can move on to tertiary education at polytechnic or university. Our top students enter prestigious universities in New Zealand and overseas. English (ESOL) classes are provided by fully qualified expert teachers in our purpose-built facility. We prepare our international students for tertiary study with NCEA and IELTS preparation courses. Extra tuition, holiday classes and high school preparation courses can be arranged.

Sports and club activities

Mount Maunganui College has a proud record of national success in surfing, athletics and cross-country. All major sports are available. We have special offers for GOLF and SURFING. Performing arts and music, drama and debating also thrive at Mount Maunganui College. All international students are encouraged to become involved in sports and cultural activities. Join in and enjoy yourself!

International mix of nationalities

Mount Maunganui College is a modern co-educational high school with a total number of students of 1350. We are happy to host about 50 international students from all parts of the world, including Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico and Thailand.

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Study at Mount Maunganui College

Year 9. All students study the seven essential learning areas of the Arts (Music, Drama and Visual Art), Health and Physical Education, English, Languages (French, Maori), Graphics, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Technology (Computing, Food, Hard Materials, Soft Materials).

Year 10. All students study a compulsory programme of English, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Science and Social Science. In addition each student chooses two subjects from each of the following categories: Arts; Drama, Graphics, Music, Visual Art; Technology; Metal. Multi-materials, Textiles, Wood; Commerce, Computing, Enterprise Studies, French*, GATE, Home Economics, Text and Information Management.

Senior School (Years 11, 12 and 13). All senior students must undertake a full course of study made up of six subjects except those Year 13 students undertaking a full Level 3 NCEA course (five subjects) who will have study time allocated to them.

Outdoor Education: Join our famous Outdoor Education course! Experience some of the great New Zealand outdoor activities such as surfing, mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, tramping and camping. (Extra fees apply for some activities)

Marine Studies: This programme aims to develop marine orientated applied, practical academic knowledge and skills. It aims to support theory work with practical work in the lab and field. Students will become engaged in the Marine world and aware of the vocational opportunities that exist both in tertiary study and in the marine industries.

Surfing at Mount Maunganui: Summer (December – January) is the main surfing season in New Zealand. Surfing is included as part of our Outdoor Education and Sports and Leisure classes in summer. Learn paddling techniques in our heated school pool, then try to stand up on a board in real surf at nearby Omanu Beach.

In Term One we arrange after-school group surfing lessons for international students. For about NZ$ 100, students are provided with surfboard and instruction once a week for about four weeks. Students arriving in winter (July) need to understand that only the brave and hardy surf in winter, well insulated with wetsuits. Mount Maunganui also has three surf lifesaving clubs. International students are welcome to train, qualify and join as volunteer lifeguards.

TUITION FEE (2018 prices)
NZ$ 27,000 one year tuition + 46 weeks homestay (terms 1,2,3,4)
NZ$ 28,000 one year tuition + 46 weeks homestay (terms 3,4,1,2)
NZ$ 14,000 one semester tuition + 23 weeks homestay
NZ$  7,625 one term tuition + 12 wks homestay (terms 1,2, or 3)
Please note: Pocket money and personal expenses are not included

NZ$ 700 Subject fee Marine Studies
NZ$ 500 Subject fee Outdoor Education
NZ$ 250 Subject fee Golf
NZ$ 100 Field trips
NZ$ 100 Stationery 
NZ$ 550 one year insurance