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William Colenso College (age 13 - 18) Napier


William Colenso is a modern and progressive school with a rich tradition of providing high quality academic, cultural and sporting opportunities. We offer internationally recognised qualifications including University Entrance. We are a signatory to 'The Code of Practice for the Care of International Students'.

We take pride in being Napier city's co-educational college and middle school. We have a healthy learning atmosphere, which encourages collaboration between boys and girls. This in turn develops self-confidence in students so that they feel comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions in any situation, which prepares them to excel in life after school.

William Colenso provides a world class Outdoor Education programme. This was recognised by winning the award for 'Best in Country' 2007. We also hold the prestigious 'Outdoors Mark' that ensures our extensive range of programmes meet the highest safety standards.

Our students and staff are well known for being friendly and positive. We have welcomed students from around the world for over 15 years and work hard to maintain this climate. Our well-resourced student support centre and International Student Support staff are always here to assist individuals realise their potential.

Middle School (Years 7 - 10)
The Middle School Philosophy is based on an acknowledgement that emerging adolescents are at a pivotal developmental stage and have specific needs. Our Middle School creates a responsive and appropriate experience for this age group.

Senior School (Years 11 - 13)
The Senior School focuses on providing a wide range of academic, practical, cultural and sporting opportunities. No only will these lead to qualifications (NCEA) but also to a real sense of achievement and enhanced self-esteem.

Study at William Colenso College

At William Colenso College, we offer a wide and exciting variety of subjects and extra-curricular activities that should stimulate and reward any student that chooses to join us. Before making any subject choices it is important as a student to think about what you enjoy doing at school and what your strengths are. You can then try to match those factors to a particular career pathway. There are plenty of people at school who can assist with this process – subject teachers or your Dean.

What subjects do I need?
Remember that after school you will want to either: Study further – for instance, Polytechnic, University (Tertiary Institutes); Enter into an apprenticeship or Get into a chosen career field

Whatever your chosen option, it may require you to have studied particular subjects at school. It is important that you have a general idea of what sort of career pathway you may wish to pursue and investigate what subjects will give you the best opportunities to do so. So…Keep your selection broad – your ideas may change over time

High Level of Support
William Colenso College prides itself on the level of support and services available for students and families. This support encompasses all aspects of school life, including; learning, extension opportunities, careers advice, extra-curricular, scholarships, health, counselling and many others. We are very conscious of the individual needs of our students and ensure we both recognise these needs and provide programmes and support to make a difference for every student.

Field Trips
Each year special events are organised for International Students. These usually include:

  • Term 1 - a 4 day visit to several tourist attractions in the Central North Island region such as Rotorua, Taupo and Waitomo.
  • Term 3 - a 3 day ski trip on Mt Ruapehu
  • End of year - a special activity programme is organised for students who are not sitting the NCEA external examinations.

TUITION FEE (2014 prices)*

One term Fees (3 months)

Administration and Government levy

     605 NZ$

Tuition – William Colenso College

  2,850 NZ$

Contingency fee (uniform, course fees, books, exam fees, etc.)

     750 NZ$


     175 NZ$

Homestay Fees: 11 weeks @ NZ$ 200 /week

  2,200 NZ$

Sub Total

  6,580 NZ$

One semester Fees (6 months)

Administration and Government levy

     710 NZ$

Tuition – William Colenso College

  5,500 NZ$

Contingency fee (uniform, course fees, books, exam fees, etc.)

  1,000 NZ$


     275 NZ$

Homestay Fees: 22 weeks @ NZ$ 200 /week

  4,400 NZ$

Sub Total

11,885 NZ$

 Four Terms fees (12 months)

Administration and Government levy

     920 NZ$

Contingency fee (uniform, course fees, books, exam fees, etc.)

  1,500 NZ$

Tuition – William Colenso College

10,500 NZ$


     500 NZ$

Homestay Fees: 44 weeks @ NZ$ 200 / week

  8,800 NZ$

Sub Total

22,220 NZ$

Pocket money and personal expenses are not included