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English Teaching College, Wellington, Palmerston North


ETC is not only a language school but a training institute. We are experienced in teaching English and employment skills to domestic and international students. Students study with us to enhance their language skills, achieve great exam result and afterwards find the job of their choice.

We have good links to companies, public authorities and the society. The structure of having locals and internationals under one campus roof gives the opportunity to exchange experiences in sharing one network. While studying with us, students will not only improve their English but experience the unique atmosphere of a well linked school.

So let’s just say: Welcome to one of New Zealand's most multi cultural English language schools!

We have welcomed students from over 45 different countries to our campuses in Wellington and Palmerston North. Students learn reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills from qualified native English speakers. ETC has a great network to public authorities, companies and employers. We help students to enhance their language skills and find employment or a further place to study.
Ideal preparation for academic study or employment!

ETC teaches Academic English, General English, Business English and Computing English. Our qualified ESOL teachers prepare students to take IELTS, FCE, TOEIC and TOEFL exams.

After studying at our school students go on to study certificates, diplomas, undergraduate and post-graduate degrees at university. Universities like Massey, Victoria, Auckland, Canterbury and Otago recognise our NZQA-approved qualifications. Other students go to polytechnics, colleges, high school, secondary and primary schools, while other students choose to find a job. 3 job brokers are working at our school in Wellington placing students into internship, paid jobs and work experience.

Holiday and activity programmes can be arranged as full-time or part-time courses. ETC will arrange homestay accommodation; we can also help to find hostels and apartments.

You will enjoy studying at ETC with its friendly and professional staff.

Study at ETC for success in English

To learn English as fast and as well as possible, you need to use Western learning methods as well as the methods of your own country. It is not enough to study examination questions, do tests, learn lists of words, and use English only in the classroom. You must surround yourself with English listening to English, speaking English, reading English and writing English as much as possible. To develop your vocabulary, you need to use words in sentences, understanding how to change the form of the word to fit the sentence e.g., to possess, possessive, possessively, possession.

The many advantages of studying at ETC are that you can experience a different culture and surrounding yourself with an English environment.

Tips for Success

•    Be in class on time, lost time is money, and lost opportunities
•    Make sure you get enough sleep at night don't fall asleep in
•    Sleeping in class wastes your time and is not polite.
•    Speak English in class, not your own language. You are here to
     learn and practise.
•    Ask the teacher if you don't understand something. Asking is
     good for learning.
•    Don't be afraid to make a mistake. You can learn from a
     mistake and the other students can learn from it too.
     The person who never makes a mistake, never makes
•    Try, try and try again. Remember what you want to achieve.

English Teaching College has courses in General English, Academic English, Exam Preparation Courses (IELTS, TOEIC, FCE), Medical English (OET), Work and Study Programmes (including placement in paid jobs), Certificate Courses and many more...

See our Demi-Pair programmes

We have attained some of the best IELTS and OET scores in New Zealand. Our programme will help you to achieve your goals. ETC graduates have successfully completed their academic studies in accounting, computing, science and other fields at New Zealand and Australian universities.

Courses at ETC 2016 prices

General English (Certificate in English Language Competence)
Part time from NZ$ 200 per week (10 hour classes per week)
Part-time from NZ$ 280 per week morning classes (15 hrs/week)
Full-time from NZ$ 380 per week
12 weeks+ = NZ$ 360/week
24 weeks+ = NZ$ 340/week

Younger students 

• ETC is accredited by the New Zealand government to enrol students 13 years and over.
• For students under 18 years with no parental support we will arrange extra supervision for a fee of NZ per week.

Student support
• We will arrange your accommodation
• We will meet you at the airport
• We arrange visas and bank accounts
• Academic counselling
• Assistance in joining sports and cultural clubs

Enrolment fee NZ$ 150
Accommodation booking fee NZ$ 210
Farmstay booking fee NZ$ 250
Homestay (Palmerston North) NZ$ 231 per week
Homestay (Wellington) NZ$ 250 per week
Farmstay (Wellington and Palmerston North) NZ$ 250 per week 

Apartment stay in Wellington NZ$ 200 and upwards
Apartment stay in Palmerston NZ$ 180 and upwards