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Oxford Area School, Oxford (NZ) (age 13 - 18)


Oxford Area School is a cornerstone school in a growing community, educating students from Year 1-13. At Oxford Area School, we cater for students at all levels of compulsory schooling levels, and are committed to providing quality teaching which inspires students to enjoy their learning and achieve to their potential. At Oxford Area School our expectations are that all students are Respectful, Responsible, Caring and Positive.

We offer an opportunity to study and develop in a school with a special character. Students here enjoy being in a rural community with scenic beauty and magnificent outdoor recreational opportunities surrounding them while being only 40 minutes from the largest city in the South Island.

We are a composite (Area) school, having students from five to nineteen years of age and with a current roll of approximately 475 including 15 to 20 international students. This gives us a strong family atmosphere with quality pastoral care and individual attention a top priority. Classes in the secondary area of the school are small. Dedicated and high quality teachers provide for the needs of individuals in a safe learning environment and we are proud of the academic achievements of our students in national qualifications.

Oxford Area School has built an excellent reputation for providing high quality care for our international students. Students come first in our school and we are committed to creating an environment based on mutual respect, quality learning and high expectations. Students enjoy the experiences Oxford Area School offers – they achieve well, develop their personalities and strengths and quickly become part of a caring and close school community.

When studying at Oxford Area School International Students must live in accommodation which has been carefully selected and organised by the school.

Our homestay families are committed to providing care and support for International Students. Homestay families will care for the safety and general well-being of the student which includes providing food and meals, a furnished room and a place within the family. Students are expected to make every effort to fit in with the Host Family and benefit from being treated as a member of the family. Oxford Area School’s Homestay Coordinator liaises frequently with the students and families to monitor their situations.

Learn more about the Oxford Area School by writing an e-mail to info@studynewzealand.eu

Study at Oxford Area School, Oxford (NZ)

Oxford Area School offers a full range of academic subjects balanced with wide sporting and cultural opportunities. Art, Photography, Outdoor Education, Music and Drama all provide excellent opportunities for students.

The aim of our programme is to provide quality educational opportunities for all students. We also promote an understanding of other cultures for our New Zealand students and enhance the multi-cultural dimensions of our school through enrolling a limited number of international students. By limiting the number of international student enrolments we ensure that each student receives individual attention and care. These aims tie in with our strategic goals of providing quality education to all, making a range of experiences available to all students and building close and positive relationships with our community. The relatively small class sizes and the family atmosphere at our school create a much appreciated, efficient and safe environment for our international students.

Advantages of Oxford for ESOL students

Often overseas students can read and write quite well in English but lack confidence in oral language. A rural school like Oxford Area School with its small class sizes and family atmosphere is an excellent place to achieve language proficiency. The students are completely immersed in the English language of their home stay and school environments. This allows the students to apply their knowledge naturally in many different situations.

English Language assistance

At school the international students receive appropriate English Language (ESOL) assistance according to needs established through initial and on-going testing by qualified staff. Care is taken with placement and course selection to ensure that our students experience success and progress according to their needs. Close liaison is maintained with Deans, teachers, families and agents/guardians. Many families visit the school at the time of enrolment. Students attend an orientation programme at the beginning of their studies and are introduced to the school and to the community.

TUITION FEE (2015 prices)

One term Fees (3months)

NZ$        500 registration fee
NZ$     5,000 tuition fee one term
NZ$        600 uniform
NZ$        125 insurance for one term
NZ$    2,640 Student Hostel 12 weeks
NZ$   8,865 Total for one term

Two Terms fees (6 months)

NZ$        500 registration fee
NZ$     7,500 tuition fee two terms (one semester)
NZ$        600 uniform
NZ$        250 insurance for one semester
NZ$     5,280 Student Hostel 24 weeks
NZ$ 14,130 Total for two terms 

Four Terms fees (12 months)

NZ$        500 registration fee
NZ$   12,500 tuition fee four terms (one year)
NZ$        500 insurance for one year
NZ$        600 uniform
NZ$     9,900 Homestay 45 weeks
NZ$ 24,000 Total for four terms

Outdoor Education activities range from kayak programmes, camping, climbing, snowboarding and skiing to horse riding, rafting and our end of year Hikoi (a multi-day journey). It would be advisable to allow an additional NZ$ 1,000 to participate fully through the year.