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Wakatipu High School (age 13 - 18) Queenstown


At Wakatipu High School we emphasise academic excellence together with cultural activities and sporting achievement. Enjoy our quality high school education and gain internationally recognised New Zealand qualifications.

Wakatipu High School is a unique school in that it has the advantages of being in a rural setting as well as having approximately 800 multi-national students who have the opportunity to study in the secure environment of a Year 9 - 13 school. Students are integrated into our secondary school, supported by their House Dean and Tutor Group Teachers while accessing specialist teachers across all learning areas.

Students’ pastoral needs are supported by our Guidance Counsellor, House Deans and Tutor Teachers. Our five houses are: Arthur, Duncan, Fox, Hay and Mackenzie. Each house has seven vertical Tutor Groups. This House and Vertical Tutor Group system has successfully created a strong whanau environment.

We have various programmes to support the learning needs of all students. The “Angelo” Programme provides opportunities for gifted and talented students to develop their competency as learners by providing a wide range of stimulating challenges across and beyond the curriculum areas. The Learning Support staff provide for students with specific learning needs in Numeracy, Literacy and the Key Competencies.

The school’s focus is on quality learning in an environment that enables and encourages students to become independent learners. Our aim is to provide opportunities for all students to develop their full potential by discovering their strengths and building on these.

Wakatipu High School encourages students to develop their strengths in a broad range of academic, cultural and sporting fields. The Queenstown environment provides the backdrop for our unique outdoor education programme The New Zealand Alpine Sports Academy, our International Students Programme and the Angelo Programme contribute to the special character of Wakatipu High School.

Wakatipu High School has facilities which include a heated indoor swimming pool, a gymnasium, a specialist gymnastics room, a rock climbing wall, all weather outdoor tennis/netball courts, technology rooms, a graphics suite, computer suites, wireless access school wide, art rooms with video editing, print centre, dark room, computer design facilities and a comprehensive library.

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Study at Wakatipu

All students working at Level 6 and above of the curriculum are able to access a wide range of learning opportunities in courses which enable them to be successful in NCEA. These opportunities cover a range, such as Gateway, NCEA Level 1 to 3, Scholarship and University Papers. (A high percentage of our students gain entrance to University along with a range of other qualifications.). All students who attend Wakatipu High School have the opportunity to reach their full academic, physical and social potential in a positive and caring environment.

The community at large has an expectation that the school upholds its standards of behaviour and dress not only while students are at school but also at other times when students are readily identifiable as belonging to this school. For this reason the Board of Trustees has adopted the following policies and regulations.

Students will only be enrolled on the strict understanding that they will adhere to the rules and regulations outlined in the prospectus. Parents/caregivers when signing an enrolment form acknowledge acceptance of such rules and regulations and of the school’s right to enforce them while students are at school, in school uniform, moving to and from school, at all school activities or school related activities including sports fixtures.

The school code of behaviour is based on common sense, concern for others, and acceptable standards of behaviour. We believe that young people must learn to accept full responsibility for their own actions and to realise that what they do often affects other people.  We all have a duty to our community to promote and conduct ourselves in a positive manner.

We offer an extensive arts programme through our music and drama departments, along with extra curricular courses.

Both drama and music are offered from Yr 9 and can be studied at all NCEA levels. Every year we have a school production involving a range of students from years 9-13. This is always a huge success and provides great entertainment for the students involved and those who go to watch.

We also compete annually in Stage Challenge and the Southern Jam held in Blenheim. There are also numerous school bands competing in the Smokefree Rockquest Competition every year.

Tuition fee 2018

NZ$ 20,500 one year tuition fee
NZ$ 12,550 one semester tuition fee
NZ$      300 per week homestay

NZ$ 450 course fee for Outdoor Education
NZ$ 170 course fee for Photography
NZ$ 100 course fee Performing Arts
NZ$ 170 course fee tourism
NZ$ 180 course fee hospitality