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Christchurch Boys High School, Christchurch


The Christchurch Boys’ High School is a great place to learn and has a history of over 130 years of educating boys to become fine young men. Academic success and moral strength are considered paramount and our boys excel across academic, cultural and sporting fields. The school values tradition, honours excellence, teaches values and celebrates success in a school environment that cares for student welfare, recognizes cultural diversity and meets the learning needs of a wide range of students.

Christchurch Boys’ High School is a warm and energetic place with staff, students, parents and Old Boys working positively together with a strong sense of purpose and identity.


All international students enrolled at Christchurch Boys’ High School must be living with a parent or school approved homestay, guardian or designated caregiver (guardian or other adult chosen by their parents). As well as being an excellent way for students to learn about New Zealand culture, they will also improve their English. A typical New Zealand home may have 3 or 4 bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, bathroom and laundry. New Zealand homes are not in high-rise buildings. They are usually single or double storey. Most homes have a garden and usually have pets, e.g. dog or cat.


Bordered by hills and the Pacific Ocean, Christchurch is situated on the edge of the Canterbury Plains that stretch to the Southern Alps. Christchurch is the second-largest International Education destination in New Zealand. The education on offer is world-class and the kind of lifestyle that is possible here makes it a popular choice for young people from around the globe. There is nowhere else in the world where, within two hours of an international airport, you can ski at a world-class alpine resort, play golf, bungy jump, raft, mountain bike, hot-air balloon, wind surf, whale watch and visit internationally acclaimed wineries and gardens.

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For more information on the Christchurch Boys' High School, please contact StudyNewZealand EU <- click for e-mail

Study at the Christchurch Boys’ High School

There are International Students spread evenly across each year level from Year 9 to Year 13 and all are fully integrated into mainstream classes. The School offers International Students internationally recognized qualifications that provide clear pathways to universitiesin New Zealand and overseas.

CBHS provides tailored ESOL support to every student that requires it. The ESOL programme at CBHS runs every period of every day. The programme aims to provide maximum flexibility for our students allowing them to study a range of mainstream subjects in accordance with their personal interests, school policy, length of stay, future study plans and career options.

Upon arrival students are tested and informally interviewed so as to ascertain their individual requirements and create a personalised timetable and study programme for their time at CBHS.

Sport plays an important part in the life of Christchurch Boys’ High School. The School believes that all students derive benefit from exposure to both team and individual sports. The School has a proud record of sporting excellence with a large number of teams and individuals gaining both regional and national prominence.

Staff make a significant commitment in both coaching and administration and are proud of the standards reached. The facilities are outstanding and include large playing fields, all-weather cricket wickets, an all-weather athletic training track and tennis courts, a heated filtered swimming pool, two excellent gymnasia and a fitness centre.

Art and Culture
The school actively promotes the participation of boys in cultural activities and expects a high level of involvement and performance. Boys will attend performances by visiting musical and theatrical groups

Fine Young Man Award
Christchurch Boys’ High School places great importance on the development of fine young men. Students are encouraged to lead a balanced life and to continue striving to be the best that they can be across all aspects of school life - academic, sporting, the arts and culture, service and responsibility. In Year 9 and Year 10 this is recognised by the boys aiming to achieve a Fine Young Man Award at a Certificate, Bronze, Silver or Gold level.

Fees 2024/2025*
NZ$ 16,800 One year tuition including administration cost
NZ$ 12,900 Three terms tuition including administration cost
NZ$   8,800 One semester (2 terms) tuition including
                  administration cost
NZ$   4,500 One term tuition including administration cost
NZ$      320 Homestay per week this includes all meals and laundry
NZ$      345 Homestay Placement Fee per year
NZ$      250 per term Outdoor education

*2024/25 prices may be subject to changes from those listed