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New Zealand Institute of Studies, Auckland


New Zealand Institute of Studies maintains close links with government, leading corporations and professional associations, ensuring that our courses are relevant, practical and deliver the skills in demand, allowing our graduates to 'hit the ground running'. With an urban campus, New Zealand Institute of Studies offers flexible learning that responds to your way of life and learning. Our urban campus is situated in Auckland CBD with close proximity to train and bus station. The campus is located at Queen Street.

In addition to traditional campus-based teaching, NZIoS provides onsite study options, giving students the flexibility to change study modes during a course and to choose from a broad range of subjects. Many courses have a built-in work experience component, offering professional experience and contacts. NZIoS is committed to professional education and training and has excellent connections with corporations and professional associations. Our major courses are in business (NZ Diploma of Business) and English courses at six different levels including IELTS.

Our students come from all over the world and can study on every continent via various education programs. These programs enable NZIoS students to become global citizens and develop a richer cultural perspective. New Zealand Institute of Studies is an NZQA registered Private Training Provider. And the students are enrolled from China, India, South America, South Asia, Russia and the Middle East.

At NZIoS, we can arrange different types of approved accommodation through authorised agents.In most cases, you share some part of your living area with strangers, so you have to be aware of other people's habits and respect them, as they should respect yours. If you are not sure of anything, you should ask your teacher or student advisor at school and then they can explain and assist.


For students who would like to experience living with a local family, this is great option. Your homestay will provide your room complete with a bed, cupboard, and study desk with lamp and bathroom facilities. Your homestay should provide you with breakfast and dinner from Monday to Friday and with breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. You generally use public transport to get to and from school. You do not have to pay for separate use of water or electricity but your homestay may ask you to limit your use of both as these commodities are expensive in New Zealand. You will be asked to pay for your own cell phone or overseas calls and if you have a computer or want to use the homestay computer, you may be told to limit your use as you are charged for use of the line. You may not get the food you are used to, and every homestay has its own sets of the rules. A homestay can be a very rewarding experience. All the Homestay families have been checked by NZIoS through approved qualified Homestay cooperation partners.

More information on the New Zealand Institute of Studies, write to info@studynewzealand.eu


Study at New Zealand Institute of Studies


We offer a range of courses to improve students’ English proficiency step by step. We aim to provide a fun and sociable study environment to make it fun in learning English. Students will be allocated to a suitable level according to the placement test result. Our general English classes are designed for the students who want to improve their English skills. The classes focus on a fun and interactive English learning approaches as well as outdoor learning experiences.

Foundation Course Certificate in University

The Certificate in University Preparation Programme is specially designed for international students to prepare for tertiary study. Students who successfully complete the programme are awarded the Certificate in University Preparation, Level 3 on the National Qualifications framework.

Business Courses

These courses aim to meet the language and cultural needs of people with English as a second language seeking work in New Zealand or students wishing to move to diploma study. The course consolidates and contextualizes the language skills students generally require for entry to study in New Zealand.

  • Diploma in Business Management Level 7 (1 year)
  • Diploma in Business Level 7 (Advanced) (Productivity/Sustainability) 1 year
  • New Zealand Diploma in Business Level 6 (2 academic years / 4 semesters)
  • NZIM Diploma in Management Level 6 (Advanced)( 3 semesters)
  • NZIM Diploma in Management Level 5 (1 academic year / 2 semesters)
  • NZIM/ATTTO Diploma in Tourism Management (will be offered if enough demand)

This course has been developed by NZIM in partnership with the Aviation, Tourism and Travel Training Organisation (ATTTO) to provide management skills for people developing or operating businesses in tourism. The course provides opportunity for these people to apply management skills in their work environment.

Fees (2015 prices)

NZ$      250 registration fee
NZ$      230 per week General English/Academic English and Business
                    English (Full-Time,20 hours/week)
NZ$      360 per week General English/Academic English and Business
                    English (Full-Time,30 hours/week)
NZ$   1,900 Certificate in TESOL (5 week course)
NZ$   5,700 New Zealand Certificate in English Langugage(NZCEL4)
                    (Level 4)(Full-Time)

NZ$ 14,000 Diploma in Business Management Level 7 (1 year)
NZ$ 16,000 Diploma in Business Level 7 (Advanced)
                    (Productivity/Sustainability) 1 year
NZ$ 25,200 New Zealand Diploma in Business Level 6 (2 years)
NZ$ 16,800 NZIM Diploma in Management Level 6
NZ$ 12,600 NZIM Diploma in Management Level 5
NZ$ 16,800 NZIM/ATTTO Diploma in Tourism Management
NZ$   2,500 Administration Fee (Registration, Material,
                    Examination, Certificate)