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English and Demi Pair in New Zealand 2024

The term "demi pair" is derived from the more common "au pair", which is French for "equal" or "mutual". It implies that giving and taking between you and your host family should be well-balanced. The other part of the term, demi, means half, indicating that you work less than an Au Pair would and are afforded more time to study. As a demi pair, you basically do the same things as an Au Pair: You live in a host family, you care for their children and do light household tasks, you bring the children to school or pick them up – and in your free time, you get to study English, go out with newfound friends or simply enjoy your host country.

StudyNewZealand has Demi Pair programmes available for you, all with English classes attached, in three different areas of New Zealand.

Demi Pair Requirements:

  • Age 18 - 30 years with English level: IELTS 5, Intermediate, B1 (minimum);
  • Working Holiday Visa, Study Visa (minimum 26 weeks), or Tourist Visa (maximum 12 weeks).
  • 2 character references (not family members) and a Certificate of Conduct
  • Letter of motivation to show the host family
  • Health certificate approving physical and mental health of the candidate

For more information on Au Pair or Demi-Pair programmes in New Zealand, please drop us a line through StudyNewZealand EU <- click for e-mail


In Wellington or Palmerston North with English Teaching College
The Demi-Pair Programme is designed for students aged between 18 and 30 years, wanting to study English, gain work experience in child care and enjoy New Zealand. Students will live in a "Kiwi" family and support the family in terms of light housework, childcare etc. In return they will get free board and a little pocket money.

ETC Wellington is located directly in the heart of New Zealand's capital. You can find the school on Willis Street, within walking distance of Courtenay Place, Cuba Street and Manners Mall. The new campus is in a modern building, catering for 70 students in 6 fully equipped classrooms.

The ETC Palmerston North campus is in the centre of the city, near the Public Library, and the City Square which is a garden park. Shops, cafes, and restaurants from different cultures, as well as the world's popular fast food outlets surround the city centre.

The Au Pair Programme 2024 price

Min. 18 years, IELTS 5 level, Working Holiday visa, or Study visa minimum 26 weeks

  • NZ$ 750 on top op the English language course fee

Students study General English or Academic English with exam preparation in the morning. (15 hours per week). They can choose to sit exams such as IELTS, FCE, CAE, TOEIC or TOEFL. After lunchtime they return to their host families to help out with light housework, picking up children from school and/or looking after them in the afternoons and evenings. (20 hours per week)

With the Au Pair Programme students will get full accommodation and free board (3 meals a day)! Plus English language certificate, plus IELTS exam optional plus First aid course certificate

When applying for a study visa, the requirement of having 1,000 NZ$ per month will be less as accommodation and food is already taken care off.