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Gisborne Boys' High School, Gisborne (Age 13 - 18)


At Gisborne Boys' High School our students make the physical and mental journey to become young adults within a positive, supportive teaching and learning culture. The foundations of our work and support are our core school values: Respect, for every individual and their property, Honesty, at all times, Perseverance, in the challenges that we step forward to accept, Loyalty, to our school, whanau, and community, Courage, to continue in our quest for excellence.

Gisborne Boys’ High School warmly welcomes students from different cultures and backgrounds from all around the world. The school has an established tradition of enrolling international students. The school actively participates in student exchange programmes.

Gisborne Boys’ High School is located on the East Coast of the North Island. The school is very close to the local airport and the city centre. Gisborne is famous for its warm, sunny weather and beautiful surfing beaches. Gisborne is a one hour flight from Auckland Domestic Airport which is close by Auckland International Airport.

The physical environment at school gives students access to the highest quality and most modern facilities. These include: music and drama suites, outdoor pursuit complex (with accommodation), 25 metre heated swimming pool, gym modern classrooms equipped with computers and a new Information Centre. A Technology Block which contains: 2 computer labs, 2 graphic design studios, 1 computer design studio, 2 multi-material workshops, 1 electronic lab, 1 fool technology kitchen and 1 bio-technology lab, surfboard design and construction workshop.

Both Hostel and homestay accommodation are available. Homestay accommodation is with a carefully selected local host family providing students with the advantage of a friendly, supportive family environment. The boarding Hostel is on the School’s grounds. It caters for 150 students (maximum) and shares recreational, study and dining room facilities with Gisborne Girls High School.

Co-curricular activities:
We offer a vast range of team and individual sports including rugby, soccer, surfing, basketball and golf.  More importantly we provide opportunities for all students to achieve relative to their own abilities. All students are encouraged to participate in some form of activity. Cultural activities also play an important part in the life of the school with music, performing arts and debating.

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Study at Gisborne
Boys' High School

At Gisborne Boys’ High School we want to make your son a successful learner. We will provide a wide range of learning opportunities so that he can develop skills that are important to him and to his future. We all learn in different ways. We will explore teaching in ways that enable him to develop his personal skills and qualities. We will give your son confidence in his own ability. We will promote and foster self discipline and self-responsibility. It is part of the growing process.

Our school prepares senior students for NCEA Level 3 in Year 13 (Scholarship/Bursary), NCEA Level 2 in Year 12 (Sixth Form Certificate) and NCEA Level 1 in Year 11 (Fifth Form Certificate). Students are prepared for ongoing polytechnic and university courses at this level.

The Junior Curriculum follows a compulsory learning programme of English, Maths, Science, Social Sciences, Technology, Health and Physical Education. A range of option subjects are also offered which are chosen by the student.

Golf at Gisborne Boys’ High School.
International students studying at G.B.H.S have access to excellent golfing facilities and services. Our school has three levels of golf available to students. At the highest level our school A & B teams play at regional level, against 7 other Boys’ schools (Tauranga, Rotorua, Tauranga, Napier, Hastings, Palmerston North and New Plymouth) in the annual Super 8 golf tournament.

Players who are slightly below A/B team level can also join a local golf, play regularly with the golf squad every second week and represent GBHS at C & D team level in the regional tournament. Learner golfers can experience golf in terms 1 & 4 with golf starter programmes offered in conjunction with Sport Gisborne. Students at this level can then choose to join a club, improve their game and then qualify to play for the school.

TUITION FEE (2018 prices) shorter time possible (one term, one semester)
NZ$ 13,500 per year (four terms) tuition fees
NZ$ 10,420 Homestay (46 weeks) 

TUITION FEE (2019 prices) 
NZ$   4,000 One term
NZ$   8,000 Two terms
NZ$ 11,500 Three terms
NZ$ 14,000 Four terms
NZ$   1,000 Registration/International and Homestay
                  Management/Bank Fees 

NZ$      245 per weekHomestay
NZ$ 11,270 Full year

The tuition fee includes orientation, tuition costs, textbooks, ESOL (English) tuition, field trips, access to all facilities, the services of the Director of International Students and being met at the airport in Gisborne.

Not included in the tuition fees are subject fees, Ministry of Education examination fees, government levy, student visa fees, stationery, accommodation, insurance, meals, uniform and personal requirements ‘Meet and Greet’ service at Auckland International Airport (NZ$ 60 approx).

Please note: Pocket money and personal expenses are also not included