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Cambridge High School, Cambridge, New Zealand


Cambridge High School was first established in 1883 and has a long proud record of academic, cultural, and sporting achievement. Cambridge High School is a co-educational state secondary school. Students from the town of Cambridge and surrounding rural areas attend the school. International students, both fee paying and exchange, are welcomed. The school is very much part of the Cambridge community, participating in a wide network of formal and informal relationships with other agencies and groups.

Visitors to the school comment on the positive learning culture and co-operative atmosphere we enjoy. Students are lively, involved, and friendly, enjoying good relationships with each other and staff. Peer Support and Tutoring programmes, and the Student Executive and Forum provide leadership opportunities and foster respect and concern for others. Senior students wear a special uniform, role-modelling the standard for the rest of the school.

Cambridge High School has six "Houses", named after schools within Cambridge University. They are Kings (Red Crowns), Selwyn (Jade Dragons), Pembroke (Gold Lions) and Trinity (Blue Marlins) Churchill (White Knights) and Westcott (Black Warriors). Each House has a House Leader and Student Leaders.

The House system aims to give students an identity and sense of pride in a supportive, secure environment. The Houses provide for positive competition and a closer rapport between students and teachers. They also aim to help new staff and students adapt to the culture of Cambridge High School.

The Houses compete in a number of sporting, academic and cultural activities for points. The Year 9 classes for each House have an Academic Effort/Participation weekly record that also gains House points. Each term the winning House receives the House shield and other prizes. The House system is an integral and vibrant part of the school's culture. The House system is designed to reflect and enhance the values of Cambridge High School as they are described in the charter.

The core values are explained as self-development, intellectual empowerment and life-long learning within the diversity and strength of our one community. The four 'cornerstones' of Cambridge High School are learning, tradition, respect and quality co-education. Together, these aspects make up the core values, philosophy, ideology of the school and they 'give us our clear direction and pathway'.

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Study at Cambridge
High School (2022-2023 fees)

Cambridge High School is committed to providing an education for its students which will equip them for life in the 21st century. All students study English, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Physical Education, Arts and Technology at Year 9 and 10, as well as a second language.

Our curriculum provides students with learning towards successfully completing National Certificate (NCEA) qualifications. We offer accelerated programmes for students who excel in a given subject area. Most students will be mainstreamed, and there are remedial programmes for those who have difficulties coping with aspects of learning. Cambridge High School offers a full range of courses, preparing students for University and tertiary education and training. Correspondence School courses are available to extend subject choice for some students.

Students at Cambridge High School have the ability to choose from a broad range of subjects which are aimed at meeting the needs of all students. It is important for parents and caregivers to give course selection the time and attention that is required. It is also important to maintain a balance between keeping future pathways and career options open, selecting subjects where students have a particular strength and choosing subjects that they enjoy.

Extra Curricular Activities
Participating in sporting activities is a great way for students to achieve a ‘mind-body balance’ – essential to keep students healthy and happy. Cambridge High encourages students to take advantage of the wide range of sporting activities that are available to them.

Cambridge High School has a rich and varied cultural life. Music groups include a concert band, choirs, instrumental ensembles, jazz band and rock groups. Tuition in a range of instruments is free and given during school time by skilled teachers. Our musicians regularly perform for school occasions, community groups and on tour.

Drama and Dance activities include the annual major production, Theatresports, Smokefree Festivals, Shakespearean competitions, and outdoor theatre and busking around the school, especially during our Arts Festival and Winterfest. Debating and Public Speaking opportunities are given to all students within the school, and in inter-school competitions. Students can join clubs for computing, the Internet, Journalism and writing for the newspaper, and chess.

Tuition fee for 2022 - 2023

NZ$ 16,000 annual tuition
NZ$      280 per week homestay 2022 fee
NZ$      250 placement and supervision fee
NZ$      400 per week short stay, including homestay and fees
NZ$      750 for one year insurance 

Please note: Pocket money and personal expenses are not included

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