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Internships in New Zealand

Intern NZ, Internships in New Zealand

Intern NZ arranges internships in New Zealand and Intern OZ arranges internships in Australia. We also provide support services around the internship experience. The internships are suited to graduates or university students undertaking an academically credited internship. We work with organisations to ensure that credit requirements are met.

The internships in Australia and New Zealand are for those who want to gain practical work experience and rapidly increase relevant industry skills. The organisations we work with offer professional internships in Australia and  New Zealand and welcome you as part of their team.

We also provide support services (including guaranteed accommodation) centred around your Australian or New Zealand internship experience, to ensure your time in NZ or OZ is a wonderful, safe and life enriching  experience. We look forward to working with you and making your internship experience a career building and professional milestone.


The best thing to do if you go to Australia or New Zealand for an internship is to arrange your insurance from an insurance provider in your home country. The reason is that claims are made after the event, and sometimes you will be back in your home country. Having said that, your insurance from your home country will assist you when overseas. It is important to get health and travel insurance. 

Please note, this is a paid service!

Ask for more information through info@studynewzealand.eu

Internships in New Zealand

Intern NZ specialises in customised internships in New Zealand. We arrange internships throughout New Zealand in all industries according to your desired learning outcomes. Internships are suited to students and graduates seeking to gain experience or credit in their chosen field of study. All New Zealand internships provide a high level of work experience with the aim to rapidly increase your skill level in your industry.

We have contacts in almost all industries in New Zealand ranging from large multinationals, Government Departments and small - medium businesses. Our internship site supervisors enjoy having interns and providing a valuable learning experience. They make you feel like part of the team, involving you in all aspects of the organisation and ensuring a positive professional growth experience that will benefit you in your future career.

We are continually visiting internship sites as part of our quality control measures. YOU are leading industry. Most of the jobs that exist today didn't exist 50 years ago. Nobody was tweeting in the 80s. At least they didn't admit to it!

If you don't find what you are looking for, just tell us what you want and with our industry contacts, chances are that we know someone who knows someone.

We are the experts in finding internship opportunities in New Zealand that are hard to find and getting you a foot in the door of your future career.

Who can do an internship in Australia or New Zealand

  • Australian Residents or Citizens
  • New Zealand Residents or Citizens
  • People from countries that have a working holiday visa scheme with New Zealand (for eligible countries visit the Immigration New Zealand website)
  • People with a work visa for New Zealand
  • People with a student visa in New Zealand can undertake a part time internship for 20 hours/week during term time or full time when they do not have classes
  • Also those who are required to undertake an internship as part of their course from an institute in their HOME country are eligible for a Student and Trainee Visa (WE1)