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Freyberg High School, Palmerston North (age 13-18)


Freyberg is Palmerston North's largest co-educational State school. It has developed a reputation for 'innovation, caring for students and excellence'.

Freyberg College can claim excellence across all teaching areas , thanks to the combination of outstanding leadership, highly qualified teachers, excellent facilities and a strong curriculum. Students benefit from high quality teaching and education in English, Māori, foreign languages, social sciences, Mathematics, Science, Sport, Physical Education and Health Education, Business Studies, Technology, Special Needs and Learning Support areas. 

Performing Arts: Freyberg has a national reputation in music and a reputation in drama, dance and the visual arts. Over 300 students in the school take advantage of the school's instrumental music programme. All students have the opportunity to play with school music groups including an orchestra, four concert bands, stage band, brass band, string and guitar ensembles. There is a variety of vocal groups including award winning barbershop quartets.

Dance: Dance is offered as an option subject at all year levels at Freyberg High School. Students are also able to participate in the regular dance workshops on topics like Contemporary Dance, Choreographic Techniques and Capoeira. All students also have the opportunity to join one of Freyberg’s extra-curricular dance groups. These are: Junior or Senior Dance Troupe; Tap Dancing Troupe; Cheerleading Squads; Junior and Senior Arts Academies; Various Hip Hop groups. These groups regularly perform in regional and national events along with special dance showcases held at the school each term. Our dancers are able to train in a specially built Dance Room, with full length mirrors.

Music Groups Freyberg runs four Concert Bands, a renowned Jazz Band, an Orchestra, a Brass Band, several choral groups including Bella Cantare, rock groups, and various string and other chamber ensembles.

Instrument Tuition All students at Freyberg can learn a musical instrument at school. Weekly half-hour lessons are held in class time by qualified tutors. Currently over 200 students are enrolled in the music tuition programme. A large variety of musical instruments are available for student use, ranging from brass instruments to electronic keyboards.

Drama Opportunities The school hosts an annual full scale production, as well as year level productions. Freyberg’s top drama students also feature in CentrePoint’s Basement Theatre Company.

School Productions Every year school productions showcase student acting along with accompanying school orchestras, dance groups and choirs. The productions often last several evening performances and are well attended.

Freyberg has a specialist ESOL centre for students from non-English speaking backgrounds. Generally these students spend as much or as little time with their English-language tutor each week as needed.

Subjects at Freyberg High School New Zealand

See our Sports Academy page!

  • Our Integrated Studies approach to teaching English, Social Studies and Information Technology in Years 9 and 10 has received national and international recognition in education literature.
  • Our music programme is nationally acclaimed with over 400 students taking individual music tuition.
  • The Sports Academy provides special programmes for elite sports people and the Performing Arts Academy provides special programmes for elite artists.
  • Our Rumaki allows students who are fluent in Te Reo to receive total immersion education in a mainstream setting.
  • Our Students in Year 13 are currently studying at Scholarship level in a variety of subjects.

Compulsory classes and options choices

Year 9 Compulsory: Integrated Studies, Mathematics, Science, and Physical Education
Choose: four options/electives to study for a term each. 

Year 10 Compulsory: Integrated Studies, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education and Health
Choose: two options/electives. 

Year 11 Compulsory: English, Mathematics, Science. 
Choose: three options/electives.

Year 12 Compulsory: English.
Choose: usually Mathematics and four options/electives . 

Year 13 Compulsory: nothing (unless L2 literacy isn't achieved). 
Choose: five options/electives and free period.

Subjects Students are encouraged to study a broad curriculum which offers many pathways to excellence.

TUITION FEE (2024 and 2025 prices)

NZ$ 19,889 for one year
NZ$      320 per week homestay 

School Trips up to 1,000 NZ$ per year

Please note: Pocket money and personal expenses are not included

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