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Evakona Education, Whitianga


At Evakona, our classrooms are never dull. Our teachers are enthusiastic, the classroom atmosphere vibrant and our class sizes small, so no one gets left behind.

But it doesn’t stop there. We also take the teaching out of the classroom: into local recreational clubs, sport teams and community activities. So learning happens in real-life situations and through live interactions. As a result, our students improve faster, and retain the knowledge for a lifetime.

Personalised care and support for your language learning success

At Evakona, our team consists of highly qualified teachers, student counsellors, social activity coordinators, homestay coordinators, host families, placement agents...and more! The entire team is devoted to providing personal care and attention to ensure that students’ objectives are met, and that they flourish in their new environment. Our students tell us this type of support sets us apart from the others – but you be the judge.

The Coromandel, our front garden, is New Zealand's favourite holiday destination. People from Auckland, Hamilton and other cities come here to relax on the white sandy beaches, enjoy fishing, surfing, other marine sports and life in the beach towns. Framed by native Pohutukawa trees on the western side, beautiful white sandy beaches in the east and divided by ranges cloaked in native rainforest, the Coromandel’s 400 kms of coastline offer the visitor a truly distinctive blend of experiences.

The key feature of The Coromandel is our people. Known as friendly, relaxed and welcoming, they look forward to meeting you and sharing their little paradise with you. Mercury Bay, on the East Coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, offers a spectacular coast flanked by islands. The area has white sandy beaches, crystal clear creeks, green mountains...a variety of dramatic landscapes all around to welcome you.

Whitianga is the main town of the Coromandel Area, which is located on the eastern side of the Coromandel Peninsula, 208 kms from Auckland (2.5 - 3 hours driving time). It is a popular holiday town for many people from other cities around NZ and overseas. Whitianga has about 4,000 permanent residents and offers a full range of services and attractions for visitors. Whitianga has an excellent selection of fine restaurants and cafes and a wide variety of accommodation to cater for everyone. The relatively sheltered waters of the bay are great for all kinds of water sports. On land you can enjoy bush walks, horse trekking, tours, adventures, shopping and restaurants; or check out the local artists on Mercury Bay's Craft Trail.

For more information on Evakona Education in Whitianga, please contact StudyNewZealand EU <- click for e-mail

Courses at Evakona Education

General English:
This course offers classes in different levels of English. You will join a class of your level. We focus on everyday English used in real life situations which includes conversation, writing, reading, grammar, listening and pronunciation skills.

High School Preparation:
This course is for students who wish to improve their English and prepare themselves to join a NZ highschool. It includes ESOL lessons and the study of different subjects. Students can get NZ highschool credits through this course.

TECSOL - Teaching English to Child Speakers of Other Languages:
Evakona's TECSOL Course is for non-native speakers who want to improve their English-speaking ability and be able to teach English as a Second Language to young children.

Working Holiday Programme:
8 -24 weeks of studying English at Evakona Education to build your English skills. Evakona will arrange your accommodation while you study. Work Experience for 2 weeks minimum, working for 4-5 hours work per day (5 days a week) in exchange for Free accommodation and meals provided by the family.

Evakona will also be able to assist you in your search for paid work at various locations in New Zealand (depending on the season, and work availability), applying for a job and getting an IRD number.

English and Activity:
Combination of the General English Course of your choice (Full time or Part time) and fun and exciting activities every Friday afternoon! The perfect way to see and experience wonderful NZ.
•    English and Horse Riding
•    English and Scuba Diving
•    English and Golf
•    English and Tramping

Family English Course:
Evakona and Local schools are welcoming families to study together!! Parents study English at Evakona and the children go to the local school. This is a perfect opportunity to experience New Zealand life as a family.

NZ$    395 per week General English 23 hrs/week   
NZ$    375 per weekGeneral English 21 hrs/week   
NZ$    300 per weekGeneral English part time         
NZ$ 1,300 2 weeks English and Scuba Diving
NZ$ 1,260 2 weeks English and Horse Riding

NZ$ 200 Enrolment fee    
NZ$   80 Airport pickup        

NZ$ 230 - 240/week Home stay        
NZ$ 200 Home stay handling fee