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Freyberg High School Sports Academy, Palmerston North


The Freyberg Sports Academy provides a special programme for elite sports persons. Entry into the Academy is by special application. Past students have achieved at both national and international level.

How it works

To be accepted into the Sports Academy, students must demonstrate a desire to succeed in their chosen field and have an excellent attitude towards school. The Academy becomes one of the student’s timetabled subjects, and vertical whanau class. The academy provides it’s members with a tailored Individual Education Programme and also focuses on Sport Science, Testing and Conditioning, and Sport Specific Practice.

The Academy will not increase workload or pressure on members, but will help them provide a balance between their sporting, academic and family commitments.

Features of the Sports Academy:

  • A nationally and internationally recognised athletics, speed and fitness coach.
  • Spacious sports facilities and grounds (Heated indoor pool, Weights room and Gym)
  • Individual training programmes for each student.
  • Access to elite coaching and motivation in consultation with the student’s own sports coaches.
  • On-going monitoring and testing of fitness levels.

Mission Statement:

We will offer academy members an holistic academic and sporting programme that will enable each individual to excel in their chosen sport or discipline, continue their social and cultural development, while still achieving to their full potential in their academic studies.

Winter Sports (June – August)

Badminton: Freyberg has an enthusiastic group of students playing Badminton at Arena 2 – Monday and Friday Afternoons at school Gym. 

Basketball: Freyberg has several girls and two boys teams that compete in local competitions and at national tournaments. – Premier team on Wednesday Afternoons, all others on Friday Afternoons.

Canoe Polo: Teams Competing in both Club and School Grades – Tuesday Evenings.

Chess: Wednesday Afternoons.

Field Hockey: Girls teams and boys team competing on local competitions as well as national tournaments and school exchanges – Monday or Thursday Afternoons (Seniors). 

Inline Hockey: Wednesday or Thursday.

Netball: The school has 14 Junior and Senior Netball teams ranging from social and friendly groups through to serious competitive teams – Saturday Mornings. 

Rugby Union: We have three boy’s rugby squads and a girls team. – Saturday (boys), Sunday (girls). Ranging from the social and friendly groups through to serious and competitive teams – Saturday mornings. 

Small Bore Rifle Shooting: For male and female students. – Wednesday Evenings.

Football: Girls teams and boys teams compete at a regional and national level. Freyberg soccer also boasts NZ age group representatives. – Saturday (boys), Wednesday Afternoons (girls). 

Squash: Teams compete in the local secondary school competition. – Wednesday Afternoons

Table Tennis: Thursday Afternoons. 

Summer Sports (September – November and February – May)

Athletics/Cross Country: Freyberg has several top athletes training individually and as a team for various events. As part of the Sports Academy many of these students have an individually tailored training programme and perform well at Manawatu, North Island and National meets. – Various events throughout the year.

Cricket: Freyberg has senior and junior boys teams and a girls team competing in local competitions. – Saturday Mornings (boys) and Thursday afternoons (girls)..

Equestrian: Various events throughout the year. Students must have own horse and horsefloat.

Golf: Monday afternoons.

Lawn Bowls: Various afternoons.

Tennis: Competing on Wednesday afternoons.

Touch Rugby: Freyberg has junior and senior girls teams along with boys and mixed teams entered in local competitions and national tournaments. At coronation park on monday afternoons.

Volleyball: Freyberg has several girls and boys volleyball teams for players to progress to. The premier teams enter and place well in national tournaments. – Tuesday Afternoons.

Canoe Polo: At Freyberg Pool, on Thursday evenings. All gear provided.

Croquet (golf style): Coached by Club staff at Rose Garden Croquet on Thursday afternoons.

Archery: Run by Manawatu Archery on Weekends and some week days.

Facilities at Freyberg

2 Gymnasia and a Weights Room with weight training facilities.

A covered heated swimming pool on site. (Freyberg Community Pool)

See all the facilities at Freyberg High School in this video:

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