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Westlake Girls High School (age 13 - 18), Milford, Auckland


Westlake Girls High School is an all-girls secondary school situated in Milford, near Takapuna, Auckland, on New Zealand's north island. The school opened in 1958, and was designed to serve the needs of both girls and boys until Westlake Girls High School opened in 1962. Because of our shared history, Westlake Girls has always had close links with our brother school.

Additional classroom blocks and a gymnasium were added to the original buildings, and the Music Suite was built in 1983. A Dance Studio was added to the gymnasium, technical facilities have been provided, and the free-standing library was built in 1988. Plans are underway for a new technology block and an administration block is also planned to replace and extend existing facilities.

Our students range in level from Year 9 (Form 3) to Year 13 (Form 7). With 2159 girls enrolled as of 2009, we are one of the largest single sex schools in New Zealand. Classes run Monday - Friday, four terms a year, usually beginning in late January/early February.

The Westlake Girls Careers Department helps students make decisions about the best course, job, and study and training options. Students are helped to develop clear ideas of their career goals along with the skills to make realistic career decisions and plans. They are encouraged to take a number of steps, including researching opportunities, writing curriculum vitae, completing applications for courses and jobs, gaining work experience, practising interviews, and making decisions on future work or study opportunities.

At Westlake students have access to a wide range of achievement and unit standards, so they are helped to choose those that allow progress in their areas of career interest and in the skills and attitudes they will need for the world of work and further learning.

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Why would you send your daughter to an all girl's school?

The New Zealand Curriculum applies to all school students, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, belief, ability or disability, social or cultural background, or geographical location in New Zealand.

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The New Zealand Curriculum specifies seven essential learning areas which describe in broad terms the knowledge and understanding which all students need to acquire.
•    The Arts
•    Health and Physical Education
•    Language and Languages
•    Mathematics and Statistics
•    Science
•    Social Sciences
•    Technology

Westlake Girls High School Sport
Westlake Girls High School is one of New Zealand’s leading sporting schools with a long-standing tradition and strong commitment to sporting excellence. The school encourages participation in extra-curricular sporting activities offering over thirty sports for students. The aim is to foster an active participation, provide opportunities to develop personal, leadership skills, social interaction and practice a sense of fair play.

Music has a strong influence in the school and students may study music as an academic subject as well as joining in music groups such as choirs, orchestras, jazz or rock bands and various ensembles. Students are often successful in gaining places at University of Auckland for performance music degrees in voice, cello, piano, violin and flute. Selection for these courses is highly competitive.

The Art Department at Westlake Girls High School is well known for the innovative and exciting courses that are offered to the students. This is a very large department with a staff of 9 full time teachers. More than half the school’s population attend core or option art classes. Students who select to study an art subject in this school are very successful. Because of the departments size and the range of teacher expertise, a wide range of art fields are offered to students.


NZ$ .. tuition fee for one year
NZ$ .. homestay fee for 48 weeks (one year)

Please note: Pocket money and personal expenses are not included

Subject Costs not included: Some course require you to buy a course book which is also your work book. Costs vary but are usually around .00.

You may also need to pay for materials for subjects such as Photography, Boatbuilding, Materials Technology, Hospitality. Some subjects such as Outdoor Education Marine have a cost associated with dive-trips and other field trips.