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Wanganui Girls' College, Wanganui (age 13 - 18)


Founded in 1891, Wanganui Girls' College has been dedicated to the education of young women for over one hundred years. In that time it has earned an enviable record as a quality and caring school. Wanganui Girls' College is an all girls school. We have classes from Year 9 to Year 13, and also welcome adult students to day classes. Wanganui Girls' College welcomes International students from all over the world.

Wanganui Girls' College has excellent schooling facilities and spacious grounds. Recently refurbished facilities include two gymnasiums, swimming pool and a technology facility with state of the art equipment. We provide a wide range of learning opportunities to extend the horizons of students to a broad range of subjects before senior level specialisation.

The ocean is less than 10 minutes away, skiing 1.5 hours away, and the capital city of Wellington 2.5 hours away, Wanganui is well located to offer the best New Zealand experience. Excellent infrastructure and transport links, which include an airport, means Wanganui is an ideal location for international travellers and students.

Ad Astra Hostel provides a home-away-from-home environment, assisting in the education and social development of all boarders. We provide safe and secure boarding with clear aims, firm guidelines and a warm, caring atmosphere. Hostel supervisors live on the premises and maintain close links with parents.

The overarching aim of the Hostel is to provide a secure and caring environment in which the girls will grow and develop academically, socially, physically and morally. Like any home, a sense of co-operation comes from shared aims, a concern for others and a sense of solidarity. This co-operation extends to areas such as assisting in running social events, sporting events, Hostel duties, homework and ensuring rooms are clean and tidy.

Ad Astra Hostel is nestled beside the grounds of Wanganui Girls’ College on a park-like site that is self-contained and fully fenced.  We have scope to house 120 students with amenities that include gym, access to a pool, conference facilities as well as the usual canteen and kitchen facilities together with a laundry. There are also a suite of computers enabling internet access and homework completion at specified times.

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Why would you send your daughter to an all girl's school?

Study at Wanganui Girls' College

Our full curriculum offers diverse opportunities to enable all students to find and explore their passions. Facilitated by teachers and supported by the integration of technology, students are encouraged to bring and use their own initiative to maximise learning opportunities; which includes using their own web-based technology where appropriate. Internet connected devices are a powerful tool, which engage learners to make connections, overcome barriers of time and distance and facilitate sharing of learning and outcomes.


Ag Challenge run a range of practical skills-based courses that include: veterinary nursing; agricultural work experience; automotive and carpentry


The College has a very active equestrian team often represented by members of every year level competing at local, regional and national events. Our close links with Riding for the Disabled (RDA), mean equestrian team members actively support the disabled community. In return, the RDA often allow their horses to be used by students who do not have their own. That special relationship makes equestrian accessible to more students than other schools.


Over 20 sporting activities are available to students at Wanganui Girls’ College. High class sporting venues around Wanganui are of huge advantage to students allowing them to participate with confidence by accessing quality facilities and coaches. Whether it is badminton, canoe polo, volleyball or rugby, individual or team sports; all girls are encouraged to gain confidence in their physical abilities.

Stage Challenge

Stage Challenge is an enthralling performing arts journey that brings together 135 Wanganui Girls’ College students and staff. Each year the Stage Challenge team create a dance and drama performance set to a soundtrack, based on a theme that we decide. From Jean Batton, to war spies, to the havoc of oil spills to Isabel Fraser – one of Wanganui Girls’ College's first headmistresses who brought back the Chinese gooseberry seed (Kiwifruit) from China to New Zealand in the early 1900’s. The chosen story lines are varied and fun from year to year. 

TUITION FEE (2015 - 2016 prices)

One term Fees (3months)

NZ$        250 registration fee
NZ$     3,375 tuition fee one term
NZ$        500 uniform
NZ$    2,450 Student Hostel 12 weeks
NZ$        430 Holiday Homestay fees
NZ$   7,005 Total for one term

Two Terms fees (6 months)

NZ$        500 registration fee
NZ$     6,750 tuition fee two terms (one semester)
NZ$        500 uniform
NZ$     4,900 Student Hostel 24 weeks
NZ$        860 Holiday Homestay fees
NZ$ 13,510 Total for two terms 

Four Terms fees (12 months)

NZ$     1,000 registration fee
NZ$   13,500 tuition fee four terms (one year)
NZ$        500 uniform
NZ$     9,800 Student Hostel 40 weeks
NZ$     1,720 Holiday Homestay fees
NZ$ 26,520 Total for four terms

Included in the fees are: All tuition fees; Airport pickup (from Wanganui Airport); Student ID card; Term 4 Activities programme.