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General Admission requirements


An eligibility criterion for admission to various courses varies from university to university. We will be able to inform you which are the specific requirements of any particular institute. 

However, some basic requirements that are common are: 

Academic records-To meet the general requirement for admission you should have the International Baccalaureate (It is a two-year pre-university qualification for a diploma which is a recognized qualification for entry into higher education in all countries) 

Competence in English: Most higher education institutions require competency in both spoken and written English. IEL TS qualifying score of 6.0 or 6.5 and a minimum of 550 marks in TOEFL is required.

On getting an offer

You must accept the offer by the date specified on the notification letter received from an institution. An offer of a place, however, does not necessarily guarantee the issuing of a student visa. Before accepting an offer from an institution, make sure that it meets the following requirements:

Private training establishments (PTEs) and Institutions including universities, polytechnics, colleges of education can only offer international approved courses that are longer than three months and registered with the NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority). The PTE/institution must be accredited by the NZQA to offer the course to international students.

Your dependents

Your dependents, who may include a spouse, de facto spouse, fiance (e) and children, may accompany you to New Zealand or may join you later. They must apply for the type of visa required, that is, visitor's, work or student. For school-aged dependents you will need to pay full fees to enrol them in primary and secondary courses.

General Admission requirements