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Wellington High School (age 13 - 18) Wellington


Wellington High School is the only state co-educational secondary school in Wellington City and has 1100 students. Founded in 1886 to offer a creative, innovative education it continues that proud tradition today. The school seeks academic excellence within a supportive yet challenging environment and has an established reputation in visual and performing arts supported by creative technologies.

Student success and diversity is celebrated and students are encouraged to take leadership roles in all aspects of school life. Students consistently win awards across a range of activities including: journalism, drama, computer, creative writing, jazz, film making and a range of sports. Students are expected to achieve highly in the national examinations and are provided with focussed teaching and learning programmes.

In 2004 Wellington High School won the New Zealand Education Exporter of the Year Award for its International Student programme and in 2007 was voted into the Top Four High Schools in the world for the 2007 Language Travel Magazine Annual Awards. It has accepted students from around the world since the 1950s and has well established programmes and procedures to ensure its 60 international students (13 different nationalities) have excellent pastoral care and achieve their academic potential.

Wellington High School is a solid multi-storey city campus with superior learning and teaching resources; seven science laboratories, photography darkrooms, seven computer laboratories, two gymnasium, technology workshops, music and drama rooms, recording studio, radio station and a modern library which supports the research-based learning across the school.

All students under 18 years live with home stay families. Those over 18 may choose to live in the hostel or flat.

The orientation programme introduces students to New Zealand culture, the school and the New Zealand teaching and learning style though a highly effective Kiwi buddy system. Counsellors ensure that students are safe, happy and looked after.

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Study at
Wellington High School
The school offers a wide range of academic courses all leading to national qualifications and matriculation. International students are encouraged to take the courses that they like and will succeed at. At the successful completion of a programme of study students are awarded a Graduation Certificate reflecting their all round achievements. Reports are sent home regularly and close contact is kept with families. All international students are given a free email account at school so they can contact families easily.

The New Zealand curriculum is followed and students are prepared for national qualifications. In Year 9 students are placed in tukutahi groups for core studies in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Physical Education and Health. In addition, students choose a language to study from Chinese, Japanese, Maori and Spanish.

In Year 10 students continue in their tukutahi group for core studies and choose up to four option subjects. In Year 11 students must study English and Mathematics, and chose four other courses from the range offered. Year 12 and 13 may study five courses from the wide range of courses offered in the senior school. Year 12 are advised to study either English or Maori. Extensive sports, music, drama and art are all included in the programme and international students are expected to participate in at least one activity.

Sport At Wellington High, we offer a range of sports including: Athletics, Bowls (Lawn), Cricket, Dragon-boating, Rock-climbing, Softball, Underwater Hockey, Badminton, Canoe Polo, Croquet, Fencing, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Chess, Cross Country, Netball, Soccer, Touch Rugby, Water Polo

NZ$ 29,067 Tuition for one year (four terms) including homestay
NZ$ 15,554 Tuition for one semester (two terms) including homestay

Usually, the total annual fee is paid in one sum, but another arrangement may be negotiated, please ask StudyNewZealand EU <- click for e-mail.
Pocket money and personal expenses are not included