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Adventure Gap Year starting in New Zealand

Traditionally a Gap Year is time taken away from education - either between school and university (college), or immediately after university. A period of time out can be valuable at any stage and age - to gain life skills and broaden your horizons. Your New Zealand gap year programme can provide an opportunity to step out, get into adventure education, enjoy new experiences, challenge yourself, explore through outdoor adventures, travel or chase a dream.

In our Gap Year Adventure Course we have created a structured opportunity for you to take 'time-out', learn career skills in outdoor education and expand your leadership experience while exploring the world and yourself. We use adventure-based environments to support personal growth and development. Participants learn through your involvement in adventure activities - whether as a student or as a leader of others.

Here's how our uniquely New Zealand Gap Year experience works:

12 weeks Adventure training + 3 months minimum Work in NZ or Overseas + Travel (open ended)

12 weeks Adventure training

Intensive Christchurch based training programme that focuses on developing your Interpersonal Skills, Leadership Skills and Technical Skills

After the 12 week course you will receive:

  • Certificate of Adventure Leadership
  • Outdoor First Aid Certificate
  • Risk Management Certificate
  • High Ropes Course Assistant facilitator certification
  • NZOIA Abseil Leader Award

3 months or more Work in New Zealand or Overseas

Paid employment opportunities in New Zealand and overseas will help you to consolidate your skills and develop further your Independence, Responsibility and Confidence


Explore the world, equipped with new found resourcefulness and increased independence. Now you have the opportunity to see a bit more of the world. Maybe hook up with some of your new found friends, buy an old car and hit the road. A great chance to experience some more adventure and utilise the resourcefulness, independence and decision making skills that you have acquired over the previous months.

Course dates:
Summer Programme 2017: 
February 7th - May 5th 2017

Selection is based on:

  • Likelihood of completion
  • Ability to work with others;
  • Reasonable level of fitness - must have have participated in a minimum of 10 sessions of recreational activity in the past year
  • Confidence in water and ability to swim 25m
  • Suitability for employment instructing others in adventure activity
  • Basic workplace first aid certificate (valid for one year from start of programme)


Tuition fee NZ$ 6,850 for International students, excluding accommodation and food

Included in the price: All instruction, specialist equipment, on course travel, accommodation on trips out of Christchurch and reporting of course credits.


Work in New Zealand
or Overseas

Equipped with the confidence, independence and knowledge gained over the last 14 weeks, you are now well prepared to work in one of the many exciting jobs the adventure industry has to offer! Options include:

USA - Summer Camp

For 2 -3 months you can work in the energetic, unique environment of an American Summer Camp. You will get the opportunity to use your newfound ability to enthuse and motivate others while consolidating your teaching and leadership skills.

Hong Kong - Treasure Island

These camps are based on Pui O beach, Lantau Island and look specifically for New Zealand trained staff! Enjoy the challenge and reward of working as an instructor on a Summer Surf camp offering day and overnight activities for 5-13 year olds, delivering programmes to corporate clients and working in Ooh La La (the beach front restaurant). This is a great opportunity to gain further practical training and experience in the adventure industry.

UK, Italy, Australia, New Zealand

Each May - August, Full On deliver an exciting and high energy Personal Development Programme for American children. The programme consists of specifically designed presentations that challenge and inspire students aged 12 - 18 years, interwoven with practical activities (e.g./ giant abseils) to maximise learning.

Australia – Higher Ground

An exciting new opportunity for graduates of the Adventure Leader Programme! Situated near the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Higher Ground owns and operates several outdoor centres offering a wide range of pursuits and activities. Work in Australia on premier programs. Higher Ground is leading the way in Queensland in experiential education utilising Adventure Based Learning as the primary medium. Opportunities to explore a diverse range of environments, activities and world renowned National Parks. Consolidate your skills and gain further training as you step into the Australian Adventure Industry.

Visa information

Please consult us for more information on your visa opportunities. For the 12 week course in New Zealand a visitor visa would be sufficient, although you cannot work or earn money during the 12 weeks!

Would you like to work during your study, a Working Holiday Visa, or a Study Visa is the more appropriate solution.

For your choice of jobs after the 12 week course, you need to carefully scan the visa options available to you. By consulting us, we can give you the right solution and prevent a disappointment afterwards.

For more information, please click the 'more information' button above, or contact StudyNewZealand EU <- click for e-mail