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Eastern Institute of Technology


Many people have reaped the rewards of a quality education at EIT over the last 30 years. The Institute offers an extensive range of programmes. There are now more than 130 programmes offered at postgraduate, degree, diploma and certificate level, across an impressive range of subject areas in four faculties: Applied Science, Business and Computing; Health Sciences; Humanities, Arts and Trades; Māori Studies – Te Manga Māori.

EIT programmes combine practical skills with a sound theory base. Many can be studied on a full-time or part-time or on-line so there is an increasing opportunity to earn while you learn. Open Entry courses enables people who don’t have academic qualifications or don’t feel ready for a higher level of study, an introductory pathway to achieving a fulfilling career.

EIT has two main campuses one in Taradale, Napier, Hawkes Bay and two in Gisborne. There are also learning centres throughout Hawke’s Bay and Tairāwhiti, Gisborne where students can start their learning in a smaller environment close to their home. Hawke’s Bay offers an excellent lifestyle, plenty of sunshine, with a variety of restaurants, cafés and wine trails. The choice of entertainment options is extensive, with plenty of outdoor adventure activities available. Compared with bigger centres, Hawke’s Bay has another key bonus: stress-free commuting.

With only a 15 – 20 minute commuting time between Napier and Hastings, congestion on the roads is virtually unheard of in this region. Studying at EIT also means that accommodation and travel costs are lower, compared with other provincial areas. Gisborne, the first city in the world to see the sunrise each day. Gisborne is a landscape of sandy beaches, great surf, golden vineyards and palm-studded streets. It’s small enough to be friendly and welcoming, yet big enough to have all the amenities of the major centres, including shopping, cinemas, cafes, restaurants and entertainment, all within the relaxed lifestyle Gisborne is famous for.

Programmes Available at the Eastern Institute of Technology

EIT Hawke's Bay offers degrees in Business Studies, Computing Systems, Visual Art and Design, Nursing, Education, Wine Science, Viticulture, Recreation & Sport, Arts and Social Work. A wide range of Diploma and Certificate programmes are also available in Tourism and Hospitality, Visual Art, Horticulture, Agriculture, Viticulture, Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, Business Studies and Information Technology.

English Language
EIT, Hawke's Bay has a well-established School of English Language and is an accredited IELTS Testing Centre. General English, English for Academic Purposes and Preparation for IELTS classes are available. International students who graduate from the English Language course with the English level required for an Academic programme can apply to continue their study at degree, diploma or certificate level. A Language Lab and Computing Labs are available for International students as part of their course.

Both homestay and student flatting accommodation options are available. Homestay families provide students with a private room, full board and helpful advice. The EIT Residential Village has 12 flats each housing six students. The weekly rent for a private, furnished bedroom in the Village includes phone and power charges.

Support Services
EIT Hawke's Bay offers excellent student support services in a modern and well equipped environment. The International Centre takes special care of its students from overseas. Learning support is available to students studying in mainstream programmes. Students are given assistance with accommodation, insurance, immigration, welfare and health needs. Activities such as ski trips, and sight-seeing, etc are arranged for international students.

International Mentors
Each faculty has a ‘Mentor’ to work specifically to support and assist international students in their studies. The Mentor will make themselves known to students within the first month of classes starting and students can see their mentor on an individual basis for guidance regarding their assessments or for help in resolving any problems they might be having. The Mentor is keen to work with you and help you to achieve good grades.

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Course information for Eastern
Institute of Technology,
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
(2017 prices)

NZ$ 18,300 Certificate in Grapegrowing and Winemaking 1 yr 5.5
NZ$ 19,600 Diploma in Wine Marketing 1 yr IELTS 6.0
NZ$ 21,000 Diploma in Grapegrowing & Winemaking 2 yrs IELTS 6.0
NZ$ 21,000 Bachelor of Viticulture or of Wine Science 3 yrs IELTS 6.0
NZ$ 21,000 Bachelor of Viticulture + of Wine Science (Concurrent) 4 yrs IELTS 6.0
NZ$ 23,400 Graduate Diploma in Viticulture 1 yr 6.0
NZ$ 23,400 Graduate Diploma in Oenology 1 yr 6.0

NZ$ 17,000 NZ Certificate in Agriculture (Livestock) 1 yr IELTS 5.0
NZ$ 18,300 Diploma in Horticulture 1 yr IELTS 6.0

NZ$ 18,300 New Zealand Diploma in Business 1 yr IELTS 6.0
NZ$ 18,900 Bachelor of Business Studies 2–3 yrs IELTS 6.0
NZ$ 18,500 Graduate Diploma in Business 1 yr IELTS 6.0
NZ$ 18,900 Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting 1 yr 6.0
NZ$ 20,000 Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management 1 yr 6.5
NZ$ 30,000 Master of Applied Management 1.5 yrs IELTS 6.5

NZ$ 18,900 Dipl in Information and Communications Techn 1 yr 5.5
NZ$ 18,900 Diploma in Multimedia and Web Development 1 yr 6.0
NZ$ 18,900 Diploma in Hardware and Operating Systems 1 yr 6.0
NZ$ 19,600 Bachelor of Computing Systems 3 yrs 6.0
NZ$ 19,200 Graduate Diploma in Information Technology 1 yr 6.0
NZ$ 20,000 Postgraduate Dipl in Information Technology 1 yr 6.5
NZ$ 30,000 Master of Information Technology 1.5 yrs 6.5

NZ$  9,800 NZ Certificate in Food and Beverage–Restaurant Service 18 wks 5.0
NZ$ 11,600 NZ Certificate in Cookery 18 wks 5.0
NZ$  9,800 NZ Cert in Food and Beverage Service – Professional Restaurant Service 18 wks 5.5
NZ$ 22,300 (L5) NZ Diploma in Cookery (Advanced) NZ$ 24,700 (L4) 2 yrs 5.5
NZ$ 19,600 Tourism Opportunities 2 yrs 5.5

NZ$ 10,800 Cert in Health and Fitness 17 wks 5.0
NZ$ 10,800 Cert in Sport and Health Massage 17 wks 5.5
NZ$ 21,000 Dipl in Therapeutic and Sport Massage 1 yr 5.5
NZ$ 21,000 Dipl in Beauty and Body Therapy 2 yrs 6.0
NZ$ 21,000 Dipl in Recreation and Sport 1 yr 6.0
NZ$ 21,000 Bachelor of Recreation and Sport 3 yrs 6.0

NZ$ 19,600 NZ Diploma in Screen Production 2 yrs 6.0
NZ$ 21,000 Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design 3 yrs 6.0
NZ$ 23,500 Grad Dipl in Museum and Heritage Studies 1 yr 6.5
NZ$ 23,500 Bachelor of Prof Creative Practice (Hons) 1 yr 6.5
NZ$ 35,200 Master of Professional Creative Practice 1.5 yrs 6.5
NZ$ 19,600 NZ Dipl in Architectural Technology 2 yrs 6.0

NZ$ 10,800 Cert in Education and Social Sciences 17 wks 6.0
NZ$ 21,000 Bachelor of Social Work (Hons) 4 yrs 6.5
NZ$ 21,000 Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood) 3 yrs 7.0
NZ$ 21,000 Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) 3 yrs 7.0

NZ$  6,700 Cert in Contemporary NZ Nursing Practice 6 wks 7.0
NZ$ 10,800 Cert in Health Science 17 wks 5.5
NZ$ 22,000 Bachelor of Nursing 3 yrs 6.5
NZ$ 23,600 Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science 1 yr 6.5
NZ$ 33,700 Master of Health Science 1.5 yrs 6.5

NZ$ 6,080 NZ Cert in English Language (NZCEL) 16 wks
NZ$   380 per week English Language Training Schemes (General English) 
NZ$   380 per week English Plus Cookery