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Pakuranga College, Half Moon Bay (age 13 - 18)


Pakuranga College welcomes International Students to Auckland, New Zealand.

Our College is situated in one of Auckland’s prettiest suburbs, close to beautiful beaches and parks, only 30 minutes from Auckland City and International airport. We run an extensive and high quality programme, including excellent learning and homestay opportunities. Pakuranga College produces well-rounded, articulate young people who go confidentially into the world.

Studying at Pakuranga College is not just an education it’s a lifestyle

In all national examinations our students have consistently been in the top group in the country, with an impressive number of scholarships won every year.  We have a history of producing independent, well motivated and responsible students who are well prepared for successful university study. Students are drawn from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds.

Pakuranga College operates six houses to provide a wide range of pastoral support, and co-curricular opportunities for students - especially student leadership. When students arrive at the college, they are assigned to a tutor class, each with its own tutor teacher. Students will stay in the same tutor class for their entire time at Pakuranga College. Tutor classes meet daily for twenty minutes between period 2 and the start of interval. This is the first stop of pastoral support of students, and for day-to-day administration such as dealing with absences, receiving the daily notices, etc.

Each tutor class belongs to a house which are named after New Zealand native trees. Throughout the year, the houses participate in a wide variety of activities (camps, athletics day, swimming sports, inter-house competition and leadership training).

Pakuranga College has a strong focus on co-curricular activities, with a strong ethos of participation and excellence. We offer a wide range of co-curricular activities, including sports, performing arts, cultural groups and leadership. Students are encouraged to involve themselves in the wide aspects of school life.

The Arts is an area where Pakuranga College has a very strong tradition. We have a dedicated Arts Faculty at the college comprising of the four Arts disciplines of Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Art. Students have the opportunity to take each discipline as a subject from Year 9-Year 13.

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Programme for International

The college offers a flexible curriculum designed to meet the learning needs of every student. Students are encouraged to study at appropriate academic levels rather than age-based levels. Comprehensive programmes in ESOL offer special assistance at all levels. Students at Years 9 and 10 study in all of the essential learning areas. In the senior school international students are offered NCEA levels 1, 2 and 3, leading to university entrance. It is recommended that students attend for 1 year or more. If students wish to gain university entrance they should attend for the whole of Years 12 and 13. Shorter periods of study are possible.

At Pakuranga College we have undertaken significant consultation with our community, staff and especially with our students to ascertain their beliefs about learning. We have also evaluated research undertaken in New Zealand, and around the world, which helped us with our philisophy for learning.
We believe that new concepts of knowledge are best supported by a philosophy of learning called "co-construction" which guides teaching and learning at Pakuranga College. Our Learning Charter sets out our vision for co-constructive learning.

The role of our teachers in co-construction is to develop high quality relationships with students, families and whanau that will create supportive environments for regular and frequent feedback, where diversity and multiple perspectives are shared and acknowledged. Teachers challenge students to think, to evaluate and reflect on their own progress. In planning tasks, a co-constructive teacher acknowledges students' strengths, interests and needs, while ensuring that tasks are challenging, real and fun.

The role of students in a co-constructive environment is to be the best that they can be.  They are expected to take responsibility for their learning and to respect the rights of others.  They learn critical and evaluative thinking skills when setting goals, and when receiving feedback and reflecting on their learning.

We are especially proud of our leadership programmes. As well as participating in leadership opportunities such as Head Students and House Leaders; students may also get involved in one of the eight councils such as The Arts Council, Sports Council or Environmental Council. 

TUITION FEE 2018 price
NZ$   4,937 One term Fees (3months) 
NZ$   8,750 Two Terms fees (6 months) 
NZ$ 17,000 Four Terms fees (12 months)
NZ$      280 homestay per week  

Some practical subjects have a charge for materials used. Day field trips to Art Galleries, Historic Sites etc. - some costs may apply. Some subjects have extended camps as part of their field work. Costs will vary.

Please note: Pocket money and personal expenses are not included