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Tauranga Boys' College (age 13 - 18) Tauranga


Tauranga Boys' College is a state secondary school for boys, located on the edge of the downtown area of Tauranga. Founded in 1958, the College has gained a national reputation as one the best state boys' schools in New Zealand. It is a caring, supportive community which encourages students to develop their potential to the full.

The College values the goodness of tradition, encourages excellence in all things and it provides the opportunities for boys to expand their range of skills and abilities as they work through the process of becoming good men. Most importantly, it has set standards for boys to aspire to over its 50 years.

The school offers a wide range of modern facilities, reflecting the diversity of opportunities available to its students. These facilities include modern, networked classrooms and Science laboratories, a modern Gymnasium/Sports Hall complex, an ESOL centre, extensive sports fields, and all-weather Hockey and Tennis facilities. The school recently opened a multi-million dollar Performing Arts Centre.

What is special about Tauranga Boys’ College?

  • Guiding ‘boys’ aged between 13 and 18 to be ‘good men’.
  • Tauranga is one of New Zealand’s safest and sunniest Cities.
  • Dedicated caring International staff and teachers.
  • Graduating International Students progress to University in New Zealand, Australia, Berkley, UK and USA.
  • Specialist English Language courses with small classes , IELTS classes also available.
  • Intensive English Preparation class (3 hours per day at no extra cost).
  • Excellent sporting & outdoor education opportunities (learn to scuba dive, climb, kayak and kite-surf).
  • School of choice for students who want to reach the top both academically and sporting

Outdoor Education at Tauranga Boys’ College
Outdoor education is an integral part of the senior curriculum and provides students with an exciting range of opportunities and activities. The outdoor education programme is essentially the study of adventure pursuits, development of inter-personal skills and personal qualities that builds confidence and skills. Students take advantage of Tauranga's unique location which is surrounded by mountains, native bush, beaches, and rivers to pursue activities such as sea and river kayaking, surfing, scuba diving, kite surfing,  rock climbing, tramping and skiing. Students can gain internationally recognised qualifications through the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and a variety of professional organisations. 

The course is divided into 2 year levels but depending on age and experience students can enter at any level. This course has a large practical component and students should have a reasonable level of fitness. Students also have the opportunity to partake in the many outdoor and sporting opportunities that exist in the region including one of the best surf beaches in New Zealand, fishing, white-water rafting and caving.

For more information, please contact StudyNewZealand EU <- click for e-mail

Study at Tauranga Boys' College

Tauranga Boys' College strives to create a strong academic purpose for young men. We are committed to the values and traditions of academic achievement at the highest level. Tauranga Boys' College students regularly lead the region in scholastic achievement, particularly in the National Scholarship Examinations. We also maintain a strong performance comparative to similar boys' schools in New Zealand. During a student's progress through the College, his Tutor, Form teacher and subject teachers will talk to him about courses and advise him on his selection.

Year 10 (Form 4)
All students take English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education and Technology. 
They choose two half year, information regarding these choices can be collected from the College.

Year 11 (Form 5)
All students take English, Mathematics, and 3 or 4 options.
The accelerated classes take English (NCEA Level 1) Mathematics (NCEA Level 2) and 4 options. One class will study a six subject NCEA Level 1 course while most students will choose up to five Level 1 subjects.

Year 12 (Form 6)
All students study five subjects, and do a combination of one 3-period or 3 one-period modules. The accelerate class study a mix of six NCEA Level 2 and 3 subjects.

Year 13 (Form 7)
All students study five subjects, but the number of subjects at NCEA Level 3 will be determined by their academic history and the qualification they are seeking.
Students may study Level 3 subjects in which they have met the entry requirements, otherwise they are encouraged to either repeat individual Level 2 subjects, or pick up new subjects at Level 2.


NZ$ 15,250 one year tuition fee
NZ$   8,250 one semester tuition fee
NZ$      260 per week homestay

Please note: Pocket money and personal expenses are not included