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Kristin School (age 4 - 18) Auckland


Kristin is an independent co-educational school of approximately 1600 students, from Kindergarten to Year 13. A relatively young school, it was founded in 1973 by a small group of North Shore parents and is owned by the Kristin School Charitable Trust. The school is non-denominational and welcomes students from all cultures and backgrounds.

The school has small classes and a proven record of academic excellence. Enrichment and extension programmes are offered to gifted children and those with special needs. The first International Baccalaureate (IB) school in New Zealand, Kristin offers the IB programme as well as the New Zealand National Curriculum to Junior, Middle and Senior School. Kristin's proud record of success as a leading IB school has allowed students to gain entry to some of the world's most prestigious universities. Kristin is committed to developing an international perspective and a sense of global awareness.

Kristin has achieved a fine reputation for the Performing Arts. High expectations and standards result in consistently professional, confident and breathtaking performances. Kristin continue to develop in sport, encouraging participation at all levels and aiming to foster a lifetime love of sport through fun and learning. The correlation between what is taught in the classroom and the lessons learned in sport or outdoor experiences, are combined for complete personal development. High Performance Programmes have been implemented to identify and train the talented to elite level.

Students enjoy the use of first class facilities including a well equipped Library Information Centre, Auditorium, Chapel, Gymnasiums and Senior Study Centre.

The International Programme at Kristin offers students superb facilities and courses. Gains in cultural diversity and empathy and the development of an international perspective are a wonderful benefit enjoyed by our whole school community.

Kristin welcomes international students for both short-term and long-term programmes. Short-term students attend for a minimum of one term and a maximum of four terms. One term is approximately ten weeks long and four terms is a full academic term.

Short-term Programme
Offers an opportunity for students to enrol for up to a maximum of one academic year for a study abroad experience. Students have the opportunity to enjoy a range of activities such as the outdoor education week in February, surfing and snowsports trips, as well as socials arranged by student committees. Students are generally not entered for NCEA or IB examinations but are eligible for special awards and receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Long-term Programme
Offers a dual pathway for students wishing to ultimately gain a high school qualification in either the NZ NCEA or the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme

Performing Arts
Whether in the spotlight or the wings, behind a microphone or the lighting desk, there is something for everyone in the Performing Arts at Kristin.  Excellent Music, Drama and Dance programmes are offered through the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme, NCEA and the International Baccalaureate.

Annual performance events include productions, music and drama festivals (on a regional and national level), dance performances, concerts, and multi-cultural celebrations.  Kristin is proud of a tradition of excellence and an outstanding reputation in the Performing Arts.  Whatever the discipline of choice, the experience is certain to be unique and enriching for every student who chooses to become part of a Performing Arts event at Kristin.

The lessons learned by participation in sport are invaluable for personal development. For all students we aim to foster a lifetime love of sport and healthy living through fun and learning. Whether a student is participating as an individual or as part of a team, sport provides them with a unique sense of place where they begin life long friendships, learn to conquer their fears, and build strength of character.

Approximately 75% of our students participate in sport. Our highest participation sport is Football; however many students are now choosing to explore their talents in less traditional codes, with significant success.

Kristin Sports Academy
Offered in direct partnership with AUT Millennium, the Kristin Sports Academy provides opportunities for young and developing athletes to access customised development programmes.
Talented Individual athletes in Golf may also be selected to join the Academy to work at the Institute of Golf (iGolf) as part of this programme. (Please note there will be an additional cost associated the Golf programme.)

TUITION FEE (2018 prices) please enquire for short term prices

NZ$ 37,030 tuition per year (senior school, years 11 - 13)
NZ$   1,125 application and enrollment fee
NZ$      290 per week homestay

Pocket money and personal expenses are not included

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