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Freyberg High School Sports Academy, Palmerston North

The Freyberg Sports Academy provides a special programme for elite sports persons. Entry into the Academy is by special application. Past students have achieved at both national and international level.

How it works

To be accepted into the Sports Academy, students must demonstrate a desire to succeed in their chosen field and have an excellent attitude towards school. The Academy becomes one of the student’s timetabled subjects, and vertical whanau class. The academy provides it’s members with a tailored Individual Education Programme and also focuses on Sport Science, Testing and Conditioning, and Sport Specific Practice.

The Academy will not increase workload or pressure on members, but will help them provide a balance between their sporting, academic and family commitments.

TUITION FEE (2024 and 2025 prices)
NZ$ 19,889 for one year
NZ$      320 per week homestay
School Trips up to 1,000 NZ$ per year

Learn more on this page of our web site Freyberg High School Sports Academy, Palmerston North write to us > StudyNewZealand EU

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