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Rangiora High School (Age 13 - 18) Rangiora


Rangiora High School has had a long tradition of hosting students from all parts of the world. International students choose Rangiora High School for a variety of reasons: to improve their English language skills; to gain academic qualifications to enter university both in New Zealand and overseas; to experience a new country and its culture; and to attempt activities that are unique to New Zealand, such as outdoor pursuits.

The International Department offers care and support to all international students. New students are met at the airport, introduced to their homestays and helped to choose subjects and adjust to their new school and home life. Rangiora High School is a large school and has the advantage of being able to offer a wide range of subjects and specialist teaching. It also has the benefits of living in a safe town and country environment while only being 30 minutes from the large city of Christchurch.

All students are given an orientation when they arrive at school. They are tested and then placed in appropriate classes. Experienced staff ensure a smooth and successful transition in Rangiora High School and the New Zealand way of life.

Students may enter the school at the beginning of Terms 1, 2 and 3. However only Year 9 and 10 students will be accepted in Term 4.

Students can experience a wide range of outdoor activities and trips while at Rangiora High School. This programme combines the outdoor opportunities with academic subjects. All activities are supervised by trained instructors. In 2008 Rangiora High school won the stage Challenge as well as Rock Quest and the Equestrian team won the riding dressage events.

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Study at Rangiora High School

Rangiora High School has designed a curriculum for the junior school (Years 9 and 10) which meets the requirements of the New Zealand Curriculum and allows all students to receive an education in the faculty areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education, Technology, The Arts, Business and Enterprise, Languages and Land-based Studies. Our curriculum is structured to provide students with a depth of experience in a broad range of subjects.

At Year 11 students are expected to take English, Mathematics and Science as well as three other courses. At this level students study for Level 1 of the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). At Year 12 all students are required to take six subjects, mainly for Level 2 NCEA but also for other certificates on the National Qualifications Framework. There are no compulsory subjects.

At Year 13, students are required to take five subjects, mainly for Level 3 NCEA which provides entry to University. There are no compulsory subjects.

Rangiora High School aims to give every student the broadest possible range of opportunities to study the subjects they wish to take. The school will make every effort to accommodate student choice but reserves the right to direct students into particular course selections where it deems that to be in the student’s interest.

Activities and trips change each term and depend on the weather. There are three overnight trips.
Term 1: Water skiing; Horse riding; Kayaking; Mountain walks; Surfing/Windsurfing; Nelson / Abel Tasman trip
Term 2: Hot pools & bush walks; Abseiling; Rock climbing; Mountain biking; Antarctic experience; Dunedin / Mt Cook trip
Term 3: High Ropes; Ice skating; Skiing/snowboarding; Canoe polo; Confidence course; West Coast Glacier trip
Term 4: Water skiing; Caving; Swimming with dolphins; Mountain walks; Jet boating; Hanmer Springs trip

Equestrian Sports
Horses and equestrian sports are very popular in North Canterbury and this is reflected by the number of riders at various levels of achievement at the school. Rangiora High School teams compete successfully at the Canterbury Interschool competitions.

Outdoor Education
This involves all overnight camps such as subject related trips and outdoor education camps. Subjects that take students away from school include Biology, Geography, Physical Education, Agriculture and Outdoor Pursuits. An outdoor education module is included in the Levels 2 and 3 NCEA Physical Education courses.

Each Year 10 class attends a three day camp at the Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre in the Lewis Pass. At this camp students engage in a range of activities, including abseiling, river crossing, orienteering and trust-building activities. Students get the opportunity to spend a night in the bush, plan their own meals and practise proper and appropriate bush craft techniques.

NZ$ 14,500 for one year
NZ$      280 per week homestay

Please note: Pocket money and personal expenses are not included

NZ$    850 Adventure Education per camp
NZ$ 1,100 Horse riding per year
NZ$    550 Horse riding per term