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Nga Tawa Diocesan School (age 13-18) Marton


Nga Tawa Diocesan School is a boutique girls' boarding school in rural Rangitikei close to two small cities Palmerston North and Whanganui. Founded in 1891, we are renowned for our high academic achievement, an onsite Equestrian Academy, and performing and visual arts programmes. We offer dual academic pathways the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and NCEA. We are a small, caring, inclusive school of 290 students. International students have always been part of the Nga Tawa student community. We believe we all benefit from a culturally diverse student population.

An Anglican, Christian ethos supports an inclusive, family atmosphere at the school. Given ‘around the clock' support and encouragement, with supervised prep every evening, Nga Tawa students achieve to very high levels academically. Since the introduction of NCEA in 2002, Nga Tawa pass rates at all three levels have consistently been 97%-100%, with endorsements well above national averages for decile 10 girls' schools.

Added to this, Nga Tawa staff offer a holistic education, through wide ranging sporting and cultural opportunities. Global exchanges and international initiatives are also offered from Year 10. Positive and respectful relation- ships exist between parents, staff and students and school spirit is very strong. Seniors look out and are great role models for younger students and they take pride in their work and in their appearance.

Equestrian Academy
Nga Tawa enjoys an enviable record of equestrian success. This record is attributed to a very comprehensive range of disciplines for which individual instruction is available. A supportive family atmosphere is also supported by the Special Character of Nga Tawa, as well as the caring and committed students we engage. Equestrian instructors offer safe, specialised instruction that establishes a strong foundation in both riding and horsemanship. Over 25% of Nga Tawa students participate each year in academy programmes and compete regularly in all disciplines up to National level.

Nga Tawa is one of few schools in New Zealand accredited to teach Unit Standards to Level 4 in Equine Studies (the Sport Horse Strand). This National Certificate can be achieved within the school curriculum. Nga Tawa is a branch of the Rangitikei Pony Club and students regularly represent their area in Zone Dressage, Showjumping Championships and New Zealand Pony Club Championships.

Equestrian students are able to sit all Pony Club Certificates at school. The Academy hosts ten school horses and ponies for Nga Tawa students to learn to ride on or use, if they don't have a pony. We have an instructor solely responsible for these students and horses. School pony fees cover tuition, farrier, vet, grazing, worming, hard feed, hay, saddlery and tack maintenance and replacement. School pony students learn to ride independently. When they reach the necessary riding standard, students have the opportunity to compete, hunt, enjoy beach rides and sit Pony Club Certificates.

The Academy features three riding arenas and stables for over 80 horses and sits just adjacent to the canter track, taking riders through to picturesque paddocks. The Academy also offers a large horse transporter to ensure riders have opportunities to compete regularly at a range of events.

Rowing Academy
If you've never rowed on the water, we encourage you to give it a try! The exhilaration of feeling the boat move under your own power is well worth it. Students must be competent swimmers for all programmes. A learn to row programme is available all year round, you Learn to row in open water sculling boats and get water safety instruction and Individual coaching. A novice competions in Term 1 & 4, progressing into racing

Study at Nga Tawa Diocesan School

At Nga Tawa, we create a learning environment that optimises each student’s ability to learn. Students are exposed to a wide range of opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. Within every classroom there is an unquestioned priority of academic success and all students, regardless of ability, are encouraged to work towards their potential. Nga Tawa graduates leave school having performed their best and are enthused with a life-long love of learning. 

Academic Mentors provide valuable guidance and support for students at every year level. They are experienced teachers working alongside House Deans and Boarding Managers. This network of pastoral and academic support has proven to be a successful strategy for students as they progress through the school. As a result, Nga Tawa's NCEA results are consistently high often with 100% pass rates in Level 1, 2 and 3 NCEA. These results place Nga Tawa alongside New Zealand's leading girls' secondary schools, year after year.

Students are provided with a choice of two educational pathways, as Nga Tawa offers both the National Certificate of Educational Achievement and the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme. All courses prepare students to make a difference to their community and the world. We offer an impressive range of over 30 subjects, from the fundamental subjects of Maths, English and Sciences to the more contemporary studies of Visual Arts, Tourism and Travel and, of course, our popular Equine Studies Programme.

Graduates are innovative, articulate, confident, tenacious and, most importantly, equipped to succeed at university, whether in New Zealand or internationally. They pursue careers including, but not limited to, engineering, medicine, aviation, forensic science, architecture, pathology and law.

TUITION FEE (2016 prices)

One term Fees (3months)

NZ$   1,200 Administration fee
NZ$   3,750 tuition fee for one term
NZ$      150 uniform hire for one term
NZ$      220 government levy and insurance for one term
NZ$   4,410 Boarding for one term
NZ$ 9,730
Total for one term 

One semester fees (6 months)

NZ$   1,200 Administration fee
NZ$   7,500 tuition fee for one semester
NZ$      300 uniform hire for 20 weeks
NZ$      440 government levy and insurance for one semester
NZ$   8,815 Boarding for one semester
NZ$ 18,255
total for one semester 

Four Terms fees (12 months)

NZ$     1,200 Administration fee
NZ$   15,000 Tuition fee one year
NZ$        585 uniform hire one year
NZ$        880 Insurance and government levy one year
NZ$   17,630 Boarding fees 39 weeks
NZ$ 34,095 total for one year
Please note: Pocket money and personal expenses are not included

Special programme fees:
Equestrian Academy   

NZ$ 1,000/term Beginner rider
NZ$ 2,000/term Experienced rider

Rowing Academy

NZ$    500/term Learn to Row
NZ$ 2,500/year Train to compete development
NZ$ 3,200/year Train to compete high performance