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New Plymouth Girls High School (age 13 - 18) New Plymouth


With over a century of tradition since its foundation, New Plymouth Girls' High School provides students with the technical and personal skills needed for life in the 21st century whilst retaining traditional values and pride in our heritage.

The school is set in 11 hectares of beautiful grounds. There are excellent facilities to provide instruction in all aspects of the New Zealand curriculum in both classrooms, gymnasia, playing fields and specialist rooms.

The school has an outstanding record of academic success in external qualifications. The main national qualification offered is NCEA, or the National Certificate in Educational Achievement. Students may qualify at Level One, Level Two and Level Three and gain either Unit Standards or in most cases Achievement Standards, which are rated as Excellence, Merit or Achieved. Students may also qualify for New Zealand Scholarship, the highest national qualification available.

The success of the students is in large a measure attributable to the skills and dedication of our highly qualified teaching staff who take great pride in the students' successes in all fields of endeavour.

Taranaki is a region with a blend of natural beauty, attractions and activities and is becoming more well-known with an increasing number of visitors. It is described as 'real new Zealand' and presents a holiday destination with something for everyone. All year round there is something to see and do. In the winter you can ski on Mount Taranaki and in the summer the beaches, streams and walking tracks are quite popular. The best months to visit Taranaki are from December through January, February and into April. While the weather can change most days, over those months, the temperature tends to be pleasantly warm.

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Why International Students
choose New Plymouth
Girls’ High School

  • New Plymouth Girls' High School is recognised both nationally and beyond New Zealand for providing excellence in education.
  • 150 bed modern on-site Hostel recommended to international students in their first year away from home (longer if parents require). Quality home stays also available.
  • A wide range of extra -curricular sporting and cultural activities offered. High achievement nationally in all areas. Sport, Music, Art, Dance and Drama are “Centres of Excellence” in the school.
  • Situated in a small City with excellent amenities but few “big City” temptations. Small friendly population so ample opportunity to speak and master English.
  • Strong links with all universities (Massey, Victoria, Waikato, Auckland, Canterbury, and Otago). NPGHS students are favoured for hostel places.
  • Small number of international students. International students are highly valued for the variety, richness and diversity they bring to the school. Excellent pastoral care in accordance with NZ Government Code of Practice. Special reception class for new international students who are linked to NZ students as mentors and friends.
  • Attractive spacious grounds. Fully networked, well-equipped classrooms and specialist areas e.g. two gymnasia, two drama suites, a music suite and dance studio.
  • International students are an important part of the school student leadership team which has real status in the school. Leaders are advocates for international students and organise regular social activities for them that link them with local students.
  • Generous ESOL provision within school curriculum and extra language support available where required.

On-site Boarding
The preference where possible is for international students to spend their first year boarding at our attached dormitory or school hostel ("Scotlands"). The reason for this is to give newcomers to the country a caring and supportive environment among students of their own age. There is daily supervised study and there are excellent study facilities.

Students are housed in 5 bed modern motel-type units with each student having her own privare space. Because the hostel is in the school grounds, boarders have access to all the school amenities. The hostel is the "heart" of the school and thrives on team work and the friendships made among the students of all nationalities.


NZ$ 31,415 tuition including homestay

Please note: Pocket money and personal expenses are not included