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ACG Senior College (age 15 - 18) Auckland


ACG Senior College enjoys the rich culture that international students bring.

When considering ACG Senior College as an option for study, some students think that, because the College has extremely high academic results, all students who come here are brilliant. This is not so. There is a range of student ability.

However, what makes the difference is that students who come tend to have many of the following attributes and the rest takes care of itself.
•    Students come with a positive attitude.
•    Students commit to working hard.
•    Students strive for excellence.
•    Students share positive relationships with their teachers.
•    Students take part in the wider life of the school.
•    Students enjoy their day.
•    Students have a safe environment in which to work.
•    Students celebrate their own success and that of others.

School is more than attending lessons and reciting information. This College enjoys discussion, critical thinking, owning one's own ideas, voicing them with confidence and taking risks. We enjoy students who are active learners and share a desire to do the very best they can. That is why we gain great academic success. Also, we encourage you to take responsibility for your learning and take an active role in the co-curricular activities we run.

Annually, the College has approximately 50 international students from Asia and Europe predominantly. The aim of the College is to acknowledge the special nature of international students but, in essence, to integrate them as fully as possible.

As a College, we welcome applications from international students who wish to experience a high level of academic and intellectual challenge in an internationally recognised rigorous examination system; Cambridge International Examinations.

IB World School

ACG Senior College is an IB World School. The College offers:

  • Pre-IB Diploma Intensive Course (6 months)
  • Pre-IB Diploma Course (1 year)
  • IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) (2 years).

IBDP is an ideal pathway for students planning to enter respected universities in the UK, USA, Canada and other countries in the northern hemisphere.

For more information, please contact StudyNewZealand EU <- click for e-mail


ACG Senior College:
Subjects offered 

Students in Year 11 normally study English Language, English Literature and Mathematics plus three option subjects. These subjects are usually at IGCSE level, but many students take an AS course if they meet entry requirements. In addition, Year 11 students take Modules ( Health, Study Skills and Cyber Citizenship) and Physical Education.

Subjects offered at IGCSE Level: English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and three options, chosen from: Accounting, Art & Design, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, History, Music, Spanish and Physics.

Students in Year 12 and 13 usually study four subjects at AS and /or A2 level.

Faculty Weeks:
Every year, each Faculty has a focus when the students and staff organise activities to raise awareness of the Faculty.

  • Maths Week began this tradition several years ago, and has continued to produce exciting events such as Mathsrap. Also Mathex competitions, The Great maths Race around Auckland to mention just a few.
  • Arts Week offers students and staff opportunities to try their hand at sketching life portraits, playing musical instruments, getting involved in musical productions:
  • Science Week features events like the paper bridge building competition, demonstrating Newton’s law of motion by ripping table cloths from under crockery, the Auckland City Senior College Physical Education Pentathlon.
  • Social Science Week has featured Bungy jumping from the Sky Tower, bake sales, and national dress-up day to celebrate our cultural diversity at Senior College.
  • English and Languages Week, Business Week and Library Week will all take place in Term Three.

The College offers many extra-curricular opportunities for students and every year the students add to the list. Once you have chosen your subjects, you might like to consider your other involvement in the College. At ACG Senior College you are not forced to commit to any out-of-class activity but here is a list of activities for you to consider. We believe a student performs best when they are involved in a range of activities. These provide you with the chance to meet other students, learn skills, work as part of a team or hone your leadership skills.


One year Fees 
NZ$ 28,000 tuition fee for one year
NZ$      305 homestay per week

Please note: Pocket money and personal expenses are not included

The tuition fee does not cover homework books, stationary, sport’s fees, consumable materials used in class, field trips, etc.