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English, Tesol and Kindergarten internship


Teaching English to young learners TESOL Course
This 5 week course give you special "how to teach" instructor training sessions for teaching English to children. You will master skills and techniques to teach children trough games, songs and activities. you will also discover practical strategies for planning effective teaching sessions and locating new and interesting teaching resources.

This is a Level 4 NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) qualification. You can add 8 weeks ** of Communication English or IELTS Academic English to  your TESOL course to attain the full NZQA TESOL English Instructor Certificate qualification. You may complete the English language component before or after your TESOL course, or schedule your TESOL course for the middle of your English course.

TESOL English Instructor Certificate qualification
Add 8 weeks** of communication English or IELTS Academic English to your TESOL course to attain the full NZQA TESOL English Instructor Certificate qualification.

•    Students must have an English entry level of intermediate or above
•    You do not have to be a qualified teacher to apply for this course.

Tuition fee*:
NZ$ 2,550 5 weeks of TESOL

KiwiKindy® kindergarten internship - kindergarten work experience
The KiwiKindy® early childhood education internship course is a programme that combines intensive English language study with a four-week kindergarten or pre-school internship in New Zealand. It has been specifically designed for students who wish to dramatically increase their proficiency in the English language and gain work experience with the teaching of young children in New Zealand.

This course begins with an 8 or 12 week intensive English language programme at Auckland English Academy. During this time, students study Communication English together with students from around the world. Students also take part in a series of workshops about New Zealand education and early childhood education.

After this, one of our Auckland English Academy staff members accompanies students to their kindergarten or pre-school and introduces them to the staff. Students then spend 4 weeks observing and helping out in an Auckland kindergarten or pre-school. When the course has been completed, students receive a certificate of completion and a report from the host kindergarten or pre-school.  Hours Communication English from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Internship arranged to suit individual schedules. 

Tuition fee*:
NZ$ 5,520 12 wks English and 4 wks internship**

** longer than 3 months requires a study visa, an internship visa or a working holiday visa (conditions apply)

*the fee DOES NOT include:
•    visa fee and residence permit fee
•    health insurance fee (visa requirement)