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English and Voluntary Work in New Zealand


Conservation volunteers make an important contribution to conservation in New Zealand. Volunteers help with many different conservation tasks such as bird counts, historic building restoration, habitat restoration, hut maintenance, weed control, whale strandings, and tree planting. What you do depends partly on your skills.

Being a volunteer is fun. You also get to work as part of a team, share your skills and learn new ones, and experience conservation in action.

StudyNewZealand.eu offers Volunteer work in combination with English classes, so you make optimal use of your time in New Zealand.


English and Volunteer Work in Queenstown
6-week intensive English course (25 hours a week) + 6 weeks volunteer work placement. VOLUNTEER WORK Available among others:
Kiwi Birdlife Park - look after the cute Kiwi birds
Pet Lodge - take care of the variety of dogs and cats
Ski Resorts - general duties on ski mountain (June to October)-

Volunteer work is also available through the department of conservation. This includes plant & tree planting and clearing.

6 weeks* including full board (homestay) NZ$ 4,560 per student (excluding airport transfer and insurance)
* 4 and 8 weeks and more also possible, please enquire