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Testimonials from students


Interview with Markus from Germany who studied at the English Teaching College in Wellington.

My reason to come to ETC was to learn English. I wanted to pass the IELTS exam. I found excellent teachers and English lessons. They prepared me perfectly. I found what I was looking for. I passed my exam even better than expected and I got an overall score of 8.0. The writing was something I was worried about,  yet I got a high score. I need the IELTS for university as I am planning on doing a Post Graduate Diploma in Primary School teaching at Victoria University. Besides learning English, I experienced something even more important - something I have never experienced before in any other learning establishment. It was the feeling of being part of a family! At ETC each and every student counts as an individual. You get treated not only as a student but as a family member. People show genuine interest in each other. The multi-cultural environment is unique. Each and every nationality gets valued and appreciated. You can broaden your mind about other cultures by meeting people from all over the world and by making friends with them. The setup of the school is amazing! Decent sized classrooms,  table tennis, pool (billiards),a lunch area, kitchen and much more. Even free coffee and tea is offered to the students.

I would recommend ETC to all students with a genuine interest in studying towards employment, higher education or simply settling in New Zealand. As a student of ETC, you can experience the real New Zealand.  Students get involved not only in NZ society and the workforce, but it`s culture and heritage. Every student is warmly welcomed! There is always somebody listening and helping out. With all the events and activities happening,  you get to know your teachers, not only as academics, but friends!

Even though my time as a student of ETC has come to an official end, I am sure it doesn´t stop here. I will stay in touch! This is indeed a special school!