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Night School in Auckland, work during the day

Study and Work in New Zealand during the evening and work or go to the beach during the day.

With our Night School Learn & Work Package at a category 1 school in Auckland

Only 3,500 NZ$ for 14 weeks (minimum stay) Enrol for 22 weeks and get 2 weeks for free!

  • Valid for enrolments from December 2013
  • Day time promotions do not apply to night school
  • Only for students 18 years and over
  • Registration and course related costs apply

Study English in the Evening between 5 PM - 9 PM

Start Date: February 10, 2014

Students of English can now work 20 hours per week and full time in school holidays. Minimum wage in New Zealand is 13,75 NZ$ per hour.

We can help you with student jobs in two ways:

Self Placement (find your own job) with our fortnightly Recruitment Club at no cost

  • CV support one on one
  • CV photo for free
  • Interview skills workshops
  • Advising members where jobs are most commonly advertised
  • Access to our Job Board

Assisted Placement at NZ$ 600

  • we guarantee 3 job interviews
  • membership of our Recruitment Club

Do a Barista Certificate course during your period of studying English at only NZ$ 600

A Barista Certificate will enhance your job prospects in hospitaliy, and may even increase the minimum wage you will get.

So take our two-day Professional Barista Course and come away with the ability to make the perfect coffee every time. After completing our course you'll have the knowledge and essential practical skills to impress your way into sought-after barista positions. We teach you fine espresso-making techniques so you can go on to practice the craft that can only be described as a skilled art form.

After the two-day course, you'll have the opportunity to receive additional tuition. You will be able to go into a job interview knowing you can make the perfect espresso coffee every time. And of course, ensure that your customers will get the same high quality every time too.

Ask for more infomation: info@studynewzealand.eu

The New Zealand Government has announced a package of new initiatives to encourage further growth in New Zealand's international education sector.

Changes will make it easier for some international students to work during their studies and allow streamlined visa processing in partnership with selected high quality education providers. The lowest quality providers will be prevented from enrolling international students. Legislative changes will also strengthen the application of the Code of Practice for Pastoral Care of International students, and set up a new disputes resolution scheme to resolve contract disputes.

Under the changes, students studying full-time will be allowed to work during all their scheduled course breaks (rather than just summer), doctoral and research masters students will be able to work full-time, and English-language students will be allowed to work part-time during their study.

These new work rights eligibility requirements for English language students will:

  • reduce the minimum course length from six months to 14 weeks;
  • remove the language proficiency requirement; and limit eligibility to students who are enrolled with a university or with a non-university tertiary provider that is rated: Category 1 following its most recent External Evaluation and Review (EER) assessment by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

New full-time work rights during all scheduled vacations 

New full-time work rights during all scheduled vacations will allow students who are enrolled in a course of one academic year or more with a tertiary education provider to work full-time during all 
scheduled vacations.