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Rhythmic Gymnastics at Corelli School of the Arts

A new Arts Discipline has been added to the Curriculum at the Corelli School - Rhythmics Gymnastics, both an Art Forma nad an Olympic Sport. Students study full-time with all their subjects; English, Math, etc. in addition to having 15 hours a week of Rhythmic Gymnastics, to be of an international standard, for international competitions and performance.

Rhythmic Gymnastics – poetry in motion
Performed mostly by women, Rhythmic Gymnastics is a discipline combining grace, coordination, agility and artistry. Accompanied by stirring music, the gymnast uses small hand apparatus to weave a routine of flawless beauty moulding gymnast, music and apparatus into one.

The handling of apparatus whilst performing complex turns, pivots, balances and contortionist like movements are characteristic trademarks of this intriguing gymnastics discipline.

Providing participation opportunities for individual or groups, Rhythmic Gymnastics is the perfect sport for those with a penchant for dance and movement to music and where personality and expression can be nurtured over the following pieces of apparatus:
Rope; Hoop; Ball; Clubs and Ribbon

The Coach at the Corelli School of the Arts is Luba Van Der Merwe, "master of Sport", New Zealand Junior coach qualification, Ne Zealand level 1 judge, who has over 20 years experience in teaching Rhythmics Gymnastics.

There will be visiting coaches from Russia as well, throughout the year.


Tuition is available from Years 2 to 13. See the general Corelli Academic School of the Arts page for tuition fee information.