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Kaplan International Colleges Auckland


You can learn English with Kaplan in over 40 cities in all parts of the world. With us, you can have your choice of the type of student experience you're looking for - whether that's life in the big city, or a relaxed seaside vacation course. We offer a wide range of courses in all of our locations, so you decide how long you want to study for, how many hours a week you spend in the classroom, and which English skills you focus your studies on.

New Zealand offers a safe learning environment with excellent opportunities and support services for international students. New Zealanders are well known for their friendliness, hospitality and warmth to overseas visitors. The standard of living is extremely high yet costs compare favorably with other countries. Travel to New Zealand is easy, with direct flights from most major cities. Learn at our English school and enjoy the many recreational and cultural experiences that are available in a country known for its natural rugged beauty. Indeed, this famous scenery combined with a relaxed lifestyle, friendly people and pleasant climate, are the reason why international students continue to rank New Zealand as their ideal study destination.

Learn English at our Auckland School, and experience New Zealand's calm, friendly lifestyle and breath-taking scenery. Study with Kaplan International Colleges in Auckland, the City of Sails, and see the amazing natural beauty that surrounds this harbor town, with its volcanoes, forests and marinas. The city has a mild climate, which offers visitors year-long opportunities to take advantage of the natural wonders and city life.

Kaplan’s English school in Auckland sits between two beautiful harbors: Waitemata and Manukau, and offers its students a welcoming city with rich heritage and fantastic scenery. Auckland also has a vibrant night life, with many fantastic restaurants and bars.

Study English in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city. There are loads of fantastic shopping venues, beaches and cafes. We offer one of our largest selections of English courses in Auckland, from Vacation English courses to OPUS Work and Study programs. Contact us today to choose your course!

Study at kaplan International Colleges Auckland

General English Courses focus on the four main aspects of language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. These courses offer a semi-intensive English education that will help you learn quickly and effectively. You’ll also learn vocabulary and grammar, and how to speak in formal and informal discussions, interviews and strategies.

Intensive English Courses focus on the four most important aspects of language learning – reading, writing, listening and speaking. These courses offer more lessons than our General English courses, and allow you to focus on skills that you want to improve. Learn to communicate quickly and effectively on an Intensive English course. You will also learn grammar and vocabulary that will be useful in every day English. We offer skills courses that cover topics from Current Affairs to English for Business.

Vacation English courses run from two weeks to as long as you’d like to stay, and take up around four hours a day, five days a week. The rest of the time is yours to do anything you want – sightseeing in your new city, taking part in your school’s organized social events, or hanging out with your new friends from Kaplan.

Our English Academic Semester courses are 5-6 month English courses that aim to get you from your current level of English up to a very high level of fluency. You can choose between Intensive English and General English course structures, and you can also choose to study specific sections of vocabulary and skills, such as Business English.

Work and Study New Zealand courses allow you to study English in New Zealand, and then set you up with 3 job interviews in the service, retail, hospitality and agriculture industries, allowing you to gain valuable work experience when you’re fresh out of senior school or university.
Your Work and Study coordinator will provide application support and organize up to three job interviews for you. The type of work you may do could vary from working in hotels and retail stores to waiting tables in bars and restaurants, picking fruit in the fields or cleaning. Your level of English and visa type will determine your length of study and your ability to work

General English
NZ$ 350/week for 2 – 12 weeks
NZ$ 340/week for 13 – 23 weeks
NZ$ 330/week for 23+ weeks
Intensive English
NZ$ 425/week for 2 – 12 weeks
NZ$ 400/week for 13 – 23 weeks
NZ$ 385/week for 23+ weeks
Intensive Academic Semester
NZ$ 7,225 for 5 months
NZ$ 8,670 for 6 months
Vacation English
NZ$ 325/week for 2 – 12 weeks
Work and Study (Opus Working Holiday)
NZ$ 5,100 for 12 weeks

NZ$ 200 enrolment fee
NZ$   18/week Travel and medical insurance
NZ$   10/week materials fee (max. NZ$ 250)

NZ$ 250/week Homestay (16 meals/week)
NZ$ 275/week Homestay (16 meals/week) 16 – 18 years old
NZ$ 240/week Apartment Empire (no meals)
NZ$ 320/week City Lodge (no meals)
NZ$ 485/week Tetra Apartment (no meals)

NZ$ 200 Homestay placement fee