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Auckland English Academy, Auckland


Just 10 weeks of study at Auckland English Academy will boost your English language confidence level.

Auckland English Academy is a high-quality, progressive English language school with an innovative teaching philosophy. We have a staff of enthusiastic, professional teachers, a lively atmosphere and a range of specialised, progress-oriented English-language programmes. With our partner, ICL Business School, we offer a range of English and degree-level academic programmes in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest and most cosmopolitan city.

While studying at Auckland English Academy, students experience the many benefits of learning English within the unique environment of contemporary New Zealand society. We teach them English for life, and equip them with the English-language skills they need to become international people with excellent communication skills. The curriculum is based on authentic English with real-life source materials such as video, radio and internet. One of our main goals is for students to achieve maximum progress in minimum time. This makes our school a great choice for students who wish to combine English-language study with recreational, cultural, educational, travel or work experiences. Students can also take advantage of our Homestay service, student amenities, and the many attractions that Auckland and its beautiful surroundings have to offer.

The city school is located in the heart of Auckland's central business district and welcomes students from 16 years of age. You will be within walking distance of most of Auckland's downtown attractions including the Sky Tower, America's Cup Viaduct Basin, the Auckland City Art Gallery, Albert Park and the Civic Theatre/Imax movie complex. Shopping, restaurants and university campuses are only minutes away from the school. The multi-media centre is excellent for students who wish to use interactive educational software programmes for pronunciation and English language skills, watch DVD movies or check out a range of English language education and special interest websites. Special school programmes include Employment English for working holiday visa holders, and the popular TESOL English instructor programme for those who are interested to learn how to teach English to children.

Please find more information on TESOL and the Kindergarten internship

Study at Auckland English Academy

Communication English
At Auckland English Academy you'll learn new, fun, interactive ways of becoming fluent in the English language. You'll leap ahead with individual advice on your English language strengths and weaknesses. Too shy to initiate a conversation? Not any more! You'll learn exactly how to go about it. And you will never need to worry again about being stuck in class that is not at your level. Your teacher will assess your English language level weekly and make a recommendation to move you to the next school level as soon as you are ready.

IELTS – Academic English
The IELTS examination is administered by the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. There are testing centres in most cities in the English-speaking countries. The IELTS exam is a comprehensive examination which covers the four language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

English Instructor Course
This 5 week course give you special "how to teach" instructor training sessions for teaching English to children. You will master skills and techniques to teach children trough games, songs and activities. you will also discover practical strategies for planning effective teaching sessions and locating new and interesting teaching resources.

KiwiKindy® kindergarten internship
The KiwiKindy® early childhood education internship course is a programme that combines intensive English language study with a four-week kindergarten or pre-school internship in New Zealand. It has been specifically designed for students who wish to dramatically increase their proficiency in the English language and gain work experience with the teaching of young children in New Zealand. This course begins with an 8 or 12 week intensive English language programme at Auckland English Academy. During this time, students study Communication English together with students from around the world. Students also take part in a series of workshops about New Zealand education and early childhood education.

English and Activity Programme
Combine your English language study at Auckland English Academy's campus with an exciting range of cultural, sporting and recreational activities around Auckland. Choose from activities twice a week or five times a week.

The Activity 2 Programme: This course allows you to learn English each morning and enjoy fully-escorted afternoon activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (This means you have full-day English on Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

The Activity 5 Programme: With this option, you'll study each morning from 9 a.m. to noon. You'll go on our escorted activities each afternoon. Activities include horse-riding, bowling, skating, laser-strike, shopping, museum and many more. Entrance fees and transport are provided for all activities. Students from 11 years of age welcome.

Tuition fee 2017
NZ$ 350 per week of Standard Communication English
NZ$ 350 per week of Standard IELTS – Academic English
NZ$ 5,520 13 weeks English Instructor Course*
NZ$ 5,680 16 weeks KiwiKindy® kindergarten internship**

* consists of 8 weeks of English and 5 weeks of TESOL
** 4 weeks of internship and 12 weeks of English

Not included in the price:
NZ$ 225 enrollment fee
NZ$ 100 airport pick-up one-way

NZ$ 240 Homestay Placement Fee
NZ$ 260/week Homestay including half board in the week and full board in the weekend

For more information, please contact StudyNewZealand EU <- click for e-mail