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Whitireia New Zealand


Whitireia New Zealand is a government owned and funded tertiary institute of technology, known for its high student success rate and culturally diverse student body. It has grown since its establishment in 1986 on the shores of Porirua Harbour, to become an 11,000 student operation with campuses in Auckland, Wellington, Kapiti and Porirua.

In the last four years a capital programme has enhanced the main Porirua campus with an award winning library, industry trades centre, business and IT building, health and education centre and a new technology ‘texlon’ covered central atrium.

Students consider the high academic quality of Whitireia programmes to be a point of difference in the region and the culture of the campus, represented by the support offered by tutors to be above all other educational providers in the greater Wellington area. Whitireia is committed to teaching what employers want you to know, in postgraduate studies, degrees, diplomas, certificates and short courses. Our student support and learning resources are exceptional.

Whether you want to study at our kiwi campuses in Wellington or our International campus in Auckland, Whitireia offers excellent support services and guidance for International students.

Whitireia New Zealand is a New Zealand quality education provider recognised internationally for its large numbers of students from around the world. At Whitireia we are committed to catering for undergraduate and postgraduate levels of study. Whitireia is also renowned for its industry links enabling it to consistently maintain current industry standards in its education leading to employment pathways.

Whitireia is highly regarded for its innovative teaching and research, demonstrating leadership in areas such as Health education, Social Sciences, Applied Business & Information Technology studies

The international division of Whitireia has established international alliances with many institutions in Asia, subcontinental India and the Middle East. These alliances facilitate educational opportunities through a range of activities not limited to student and staff exchanges, and joint teaching and research projects.

A Whitireia qualification provides not only an entry into the career of your choice but also world renowned qualification. At Whitireia we profess and practice a 'student focussed’ style of learning. We value students' exploring ideas and thinking independently in an applied learning context, and celebrate the vast cultural diversity that our international students bring with them.

Whitireia is renowned for its industry links. These enable us to consistently maintain current industry standards in our education, and create employment pathways for international students.

Dedicated Academic support centres on campus support students who need help in making the transition from various international learning styles to New Zealand vocation-oriented tertiary study.

As a signatory to the New Zealand Code of Conduct for the provision of pastoral care, Whitireia prides itself in its provision of student care services and dedication to the well being of international students.


Study at Whitireia

Foundation Courses
NZ$ 399 per week English Language Courses: Up to 12 weeks
NZ$ 19,950 foundation studies: 1 year (IELTS 5.5 needed) 


Communication media
NZ$ 19,950 Bachelor of Applied Arts (Creative Writing)
Also Graduate Diploma, Diploma in Creative Writing; National Diploma in Journalism
NZ$ 11,250 Certificate in Multimedia Journalism; Diploma in Radio Journalism
NZ$ 31,093 Certificate in Introduction to Film and Television Production

NZ$ 19,950 Bachelor of Applied Arts (Music); Graduate Diploma in Applied Arts; Certificate in Rock, Jazz and Commercial Music; Certificate in DJ Music; Certificate in Live sound and Event Production
NZ$ 11,250 Graduate Certificate in Applied Arts

Performing Arts
NZ$ 23,500 Bachelor of Applied Arts (Performing Arts)
NZ$ 19,950 Graduate Diploma in Applied Arts; Diploma in Stage and Screen Arts
NZ$ 11,250 Graduate Certificate in Applied Arts
NZ$ 20,116 Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance); Diploma in Performing Arts (Singing) 

Visual Arts & Design
NZ$ 19,950 Bachelor of Applied Arts (Visual Arts and Design); Graduate Diploma in Applied Arts; Graduate Certificate in Applied Arts;
NZ$ 14,250 Certificate in Advanced Photography
NZ$ 13,250 Certificate in Practical Photography

Arts Management
NZ$ 19,950 Bachelor of Applied Arts (Arts Management)

NZ$ 19,950 Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education); Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Business & Information Technology

NZ$ 29,950 Master of Management
NZ$ 19,950 Post Graduate Diploma in Management
NZ$ 18,950 Bachelor of Applied Business Studies (Majors in Marketing, Hospitality, Accounting
Management, Finance); Graduate Diploma in Applied Business Studies; New Zealand Diploma in Business; NZIM Diploma in Management

Information Technology
NZ$ 31,500 Master of Information Technology
NZ$ 21,950 Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology
NZ$ 11,250 Postgraduate Certificate in Information Technology
NZ$ 19,950 Bachelor of Information Technology; Graduate Diploma in Information Technology; Diploma in Information Technology (Levels 5 and 6)
NZ$ 10,250 Certificate in Information Technology 5 Porirua 16 Feb, 20 July 6 months 5.5 


Nursing & paramedic
NZ$ 24,500 Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Health Care Specialty Nursing; Postgraduate Certificate in Nursing; Postgraduate Certificate in Hospice Palliative Care; Postgraduate Certificate in Perioperative Specialty Nursing; Postgraduate Certificate in Specialty Care
NZ$ 23,500 Bachelor of Nursing; Bachelor of Nursing Pacific; Diploma in Enrolled Nursing
NZ$ 7,250 Competency Assessment Programme for Nurses
NZ$ 22,950 Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic)
NZ$ 21,950 Bachelor of Social Work


Office Administration & Computing
NZ$ 11,250 Certificate in Office Administration and Computing (Advanced); Certificate in Office Administration and Computing (Intermediate); Certificate in Office Administration and Computing (Introductory)

Outdoor Adventure
NZ$ 19,950 Diploma in Outdoor Adventure; Certificate in Outdoor Adventure

Hospitality & Professional Cookery

NZ$ 17,995 Diploma in Professional Cookery Year 1, Year 2: NZ$ 8,995 (plus course material fees)
NZ$ 17,995 Certificate in Professional Cookery (plus course material fees)

For more information, please write to info@studynewzealand.eu