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Edenz Colleges, Auckland


Edenz is a  long established school with an international vision and a strong passion for providing students with an education that will enable them to maximize their potential to achieve success.

Edenz is dedicated to providing quality, well-rounded education in a supportive, rewarding and enjoyable environment. Edenz is a private training establishment, registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. We offer a range of programmes including General English, Teacher Training, Film & Television, and Business & Computing. We also provide a pathway to University with Certificate and Diploma courses.  

Established in 1988 by owner and director, Tim Cooper, Edenz is a Private Training Establishment (PTE). Edenz was registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) in 1989 and was one of the first schools in New Zealand and Australia to obtain ISO 9002 quality standards (Q-Base). 

Over these years Edenz has established a good name for the quality of our tuition and care of our students. We have always been concerned with developing courses to meet the changing needs of our students. While Edenz began with General English programs we saw the need to add Teacher Training, Film Making, as well as Business and Computing as needs changed.  

Here at Edenz Colleges, our friendly staff will be happy to help you with choosing a programme of study that will best suit your needs. We look forward to seeing you here on our campus in the near future. You can get the best possible start to your career through international education at Edenz Colleges in New Zealand.

For more information, or an application form for Edenz Colleges, please write an e-mail to StudyNewZealand EU <- click for e-mail

Courses at Edenz
Colleges (2017 prices)

For Film and Digital Media courses, including Bachelor of Applied Arts - Film Production, and Bachelor of Applied Arts - Digital Media Production, please see the New Zealand Film Academy page on this web site

Business Academy

New Zealand Diploma in Business 
The Diploma of Business is a very good, one year qualification in general business. Students are required to study 6 of 8 possible papers.
NZ$ 17,500 New Zealand Diploma in Business level 5 
NZ$ 17,500 New Zealand Diploma in Business level 6
NZ$ 18,500 Diploma in Business level 7

Bachelor of Applied Management
To be an effective manager you need more than just business knowledge, you need an understanding of yourself and other people in order to be a high-performing leader in modern times. 
NZ$ 19,450 per year + NZ$ 500 registration fee for the first year  

Technology Academy

Diploma in Software Development (Level 7)
The Diploma in Software Development provides career-minded students with practical hands-on software development in modern application programming, resulting in highly-tuned technical capabilities. 
NZ$ 18,500 for the one year course 

NZ Health Academy

Diploma in Management (Healthcare) (Level 7)
This Diploma is aimed at those age 20 and above who are moving into careers in Healthcare Management. It is also for current health professionals working in a management, policy or analysis role who wish to gain advanced knowledge and skills in the management of elder healthcare facilities.
NZ$ 18,500 for the one year course

English Academy

General English
Students can start on any Monday, with an orientation to explain about the school and brief English test to place the student in the appropriate level. All levels are available from Beginner to Advanced. I

NZ Certificate in English Language (Nzcel) Level 1/Elementary
NZ Certificate in English Language (Nzcel) Level 2/Pre-Intermediate
NZ Certificate in English Language (Nzcel) Level 3/Pre-Intermediate
NZ Certificate in English Language (Nzcel) Level 4/Upper-Intermediate
NZ Certificate in English Language (Nzcel) Level 5/Advanced 
NZ$ 4,450 for 12 weeks 

Tesol Edenz Certificate

The Certificate in TESOL (NZQA Approved) is suitable to non-native speakers. It is a recognised qualification, and will provide the trainee with the skills required to teach at an excellent standard in their own country.

NZ$   2,845 Certificate in Tesol From Edenz Tesol Academy
                    (NZQA Level 4)
NZ$   3,845 Trinity Certificate in Tesol (Aligned NZQA Level 5)
NZ$ 10,245 Diploma in Tesol From Edenz (NZQA Level 7)